Most of the travel agencies will take you only to the cities but we believe that is not enough, nature is always the answer. AvenTouro‘s mission is to show the beauty of Czechia and Slovakia in a different way, in an outdoor way.

Trips In Slovakia

Slovak Paradise, Dobsinska ice cave and Low Tatras

Hike in Slovak Paradise, visit Dobsinska ice cave and hike also in Low Tatras during the one weekend!

Western TATRAS

The nature in this part of Tatras is wild and almost without tourist. We recommend this trip to people who want to see real and wild Slovak mountains. The place is not commercial and that is why it remains unkown for foreigners.

Trips In Czechia

Karlštejn castle and Little America

We are gathering people to see the beautiful scenery of Karlštejn castle and the quarry Little America

Hike to the Snežka

Sněžka is formed of hornfels, which is extremely resistant to erosion.Our start is in Špindlerův Mlýn. We will hike up to the Sněžka. In total it is around 20 km, 7-8 hours of walking.

Bohemian Switzerland

We are going to walk on the 15 kilometres most popular trail in Bohemian Switzerland. Beautiful views, Pravčice gate, romantic stroll along the river and we are having a boat experience between the stone walls with steep sides will be a cool adventure.

Bohemian Paradise

For centuries the Bohemian Paradise area has attracted painters, writers, artists, and dreamers of all kinds. Discover this unique combination of bizarre rock formations, deep pine forests, majestic castles and sublime villages of timber cottages.

Acroyoga weekend in Bohemian Switzerland

Acro yoga is a playful practice that combines yoga and partner acrobatics. It is a practice that helps to build, not only, physical strength, but also trust, communication, and community.