You are looking for a room in a flatshare and you have a lot of questions. This page to help you to find answers to most questions we receive.

We hope you will find answers to your questions! Don't hesitate to contact us if not!



Booking process


How do I book a room?

To book a room, you can send us a request via our website. If the flatshare is available and the requested dates are accepted, we will send you an email that your request was accepted. Be careful, the room is not yours yet!

To confirm your booking, you will be ask to pay the booking fees and deposit, and then your first rent at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

For last minute bookings (less than 15 days before check-in date), you will have to pay the booking fees, deposit and first rent at once to confirm your booking.


What will happen if I do not pay the first rent two weeks before my arrival?

If the payment of the first rent remains unpaid two weeks before your arrival, the agency will cancel your booking and will keep your booking fees and the deposit for the owner as a penalty in order to compensate for loss resulting from cancellation of the reservation.


What will happen if I cancel my reservation after I paid my booking fees and deposit?

Booking fees are not refundable. When you have paid the booking fees, you are committed to rent the room you picked, and the agency is committed to save that room for you and not to rent it to another customer.

Therefore, if you change your mind about the room you booked :

  • Where cancellation occurs more than one month before the date of arrival, the deposit and first rent will be repaid. Booking fees will be kept.
  • Where the cancellation occurs between 15 days and one month before the date of arrival, the deposit will not be repaid. Booking fees will be kept.
  • Where the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before the date of arrival, the deposit and first rent will not be repaid. Booking fees will be kept.



Can I visit my room before booking?

We provide an online booking service through a platform especially built to make the booking process easy, fast and secure, so you won’t be needing to visit our properties. Discover our wide range of rooms and studios through the pictures, and feel free to contact us if you have any question about the flatshares!

How many flatmates will be staying in the apartment?

All the apartments listed on the website have the number of guests mentioned on the description. You can choose to stay in a studio or a flatshare with 2 or more roomates.

The rooms for rent only allow one tenant, and we do not accept any visitors to stay overnight for the well-being of other tenants.

If you wish to share a room of double bed with another person, please contact the agency.

Please be advised that an extra guest will lead to additional fees. We cannot guarantee we will be able to satisfy your request.


Is it possible to rent a room in a female flatshare? 

We are offering international flatshares and we do prefer to mix nationalities and gender in our apartments. Thus, we cannot guarantee you will be living with only females in your flat for the whole length of your stay.


Can I choose my flatmates?

We are taking care of finding your new flatmates. However, if you want to book a flat with your friends or you find someone who is interested in renting a room in your flat, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with it!


What will be provided in my apartment?

All the apartments are fully-furnished (common area and rooms). Each bedroom offers a bed with mattress, its own desk with a chair, a wardrobe, duvet and pillow, but sheets and towels are not provided. All the features are listed on the descriptions of the flats and rooms. 




Check-in & Check-out


Can I leave my apartment in the middle of my rent contract?

This is only to see between you and your landlord.


Can I do my check in or check out on a weekend?

Check-ins and check-outs will be organized and depend on your landlord. You will have to contact him/her by email at least one week before your arrival.

You need to put your arrival and departure time on your customer space.

If your arrival date is defferent from the first day of your contract, please send us an email with your exact arrival date so we can update it. This will have no impact on your contract.




How are booking fees calculated ?

Booking fees are calculated accordingly:

  • 0-2 months : 20% of total rent + VAT
  • 2-6 months : 15% of total rent + VAT
  • 6-9 months : 10% of total rent + VAT
  • 9-12 months : 9% of total rent + VAT


How should I pay my monthly rent ?

You will be asked to pay for the first rent at least two weeks before your arrival.

Payment for the lease will depends on your landlord.

We are working on a online payment.


What is included in the price on the website?

The price on the website includes the monthly rent and the utilities.




How much is a deposit?

The deposit is equal to one month rent depending on the rent of your room. You will have to pay the deposit with the booking fees in order to book your room into flatshare.


When do I receive my deposit back?

Student Room Flat has nothing to do with the refund of the deposit. It is entirely between the landlord and the tenant.

It should be returned within 60 days after your departure. 

The tenant has the obligation before the check-out to fill in its complete international bank details in his Customer space on Student Room Flat website so the Deposit can be sent back, otherwise the landlord will not be able to return it properly.







What does the lease contract look like?

Your contract is written in English and Czech. It is drafted by our lawyer and follows the Czech law. 


When can I see the contract?

You will be able to read and sign the contract at your check-in. We do not send any contract or draft of contract by mail or post.  


What can I get from you to obtain a visa?

We can help you with your visa application by providing a proof of accommodation in czech (no rent contract in czech or before arrival provided).

The proof of accommodation is a notarized document written in czech and signed by your landlord.


We will prepare your proof of accommodation only once we received the following payments:

  • Booking fees and deposit 

  • First rent

  • DHL delivery 

To get a letter of accommodation takes approximately 3 weeks after we have received all your payments.

We are not responsible for any delay in the reception of the document or visa application rejected.

Please keep in mind you will need the original version of the document and a scan will not be accepted by the embassy.




If you have any other question that is not listed in the FAQ, please contact us :


+420 222 521 174