About the team

Cyril Koskas has a Masters degree in Business and Tax Law and a Masters degree in Banking & Finance from university of Paris II - Assas.
He worked two years for Orco in Prague and in Brno before joining FIFTY FIVE.

Cyril is the General Manager of FIFYTFIVE.

He is in charge of Investments and Projects‘ development.

Email: ckoskas@fiftyfive.cz
Tel: +420 774 197 855

Jennifer Koskas has a Degree in Business Administration - International Business from the French Business School ESCE Paris and from the Westminster University in London.
She worked in Foncia in Commercial Real Estate and for a private developer in Paris before joining FIFTY FIVE.

Jennifer is the Director of Sales and Rentals in FIFTYFIVE.

Email: jkoskas@fiftyfive.cz
Tel: +420 775 031 455

Maryse Radziszewski has a Degree in Quality Management. She worked for 5 years in Poland as Quality manager.
She has been living for 6 years in Prague within the international community before joining FIFTY FIVE.

Maryse is a Broker in FIFTYFIVE.

She is in charge of rentals among the French community.

Email: maryse@fiftyfive.cz
Tel: +420 734 590 732

Ekaterina Mamaladze has a Degree in Business Administration from the New York University in Prague and Czech Diploma in Business Administration.
She has been living in Prague for 15 years. She has an experience as a designer assistant.

Ekaterina is a Broker in FIFTYFIVE.

She is in charge of rentals and sales among the Russian community.

Email: ekaterina@fiftyfive.cz
Tel: +420 731 161 542

About the company

FIFTY FIVE was founded in 2005. It started as a development company specialized in purchasing apartments in the center of Prague, reconstructing and renting or reselling them.

FIFTY FIVE is nowadays expanding its business activities to development and sell of residential and commercial buildings and plots of lands on the outskirts of Prague and Prague’s surrounding.

FIFTY FIVE is also acting as real estate broker and is offering “turn key investment”custom maded for its clients.