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Go on Erasmus+ to Florence and enjoy an incredible adventure abroad right in the heart of the renaissance!

Book now your student accommodation in Florence and live close to the best universities and trendiest student hangout spots!

Experience the best international life in italy!

Student Housing in Florence

How to find the best student accommodation in Florence?

Start your Erasmus+ experience in Florence with Student Room Flat!

Book your student room, flat, or co-living in Florence with all bills included and fully furnished, and equipped accommodation. Make your erasmus+ experience in Florence easier by finding the right accommodation with the help of Student Room Flat’s team! Whether you’re looking for a student room near Ponte  Vecchio, a flat close to the Novoli neighborhood far from tourist attractions, or a student accommodation near the University of Florence we have multiple student housing options for your new life in Italy.

Flatshare in Florence for Students

Many students looking for affordable housing in Florence opt to leave studios and 1 bedroom apartments behind, seeing in an international flatshare experience the answer to their needs!

A shared flat in Florence near Santa Maria Novella can have rooms starting with 400 or 420EUR of monthly rent, in quality flatshares with trustworthy Hosts if you book with known housing platforms such as Student Room Flat.

However, sharing a student flat in Florence is about much more than saving costs! In Student Room Flat we assure you you’ll be sharing a flat with international students and trainees just like you, which means your first erasmus+ friends can be right at your flat. Booking a student room in Florence in a shared flat gives you the chance to live a real international experience, where you learn how to live together with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Flatshare in Florence and discover that more than saving money you’ll be gaining social and people skills that will surely turn out to be very valuable in the future!

Student Residences in Florence

If this is your first international experience you probably heard about amazing stories of Erasmus+ student residences, with a unique community environment despite the low-quality facilities that many times are provided.

However, if you search for student residences in Florence you might have a surprise.  The University of Florence is not proving student residences in Florence. The university advises some accommodation options for students in Florence however does not own any lodging itself.

Don’t worry! You still can book a nice room near the University of Florence campus and live a unique flat-sharing experience in Florence.

Discover Florence student city

Start your Erasmus+ in Florence!

Are you an art lover? Then live in a city that is a museum itself. Take a glance at the wonderful Boticelli’s “The Birth of the Venus”, admire Michelangelo’s sculptures, and know more about Galileo – all during your epic Erasmus+ experience in Florence.

Go to live in Florence and, above everything, see the birth of an amazing Erasmus+ experience you’ll want to tell to all your friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best student accommodation in Florence can be easy! All you have to do is worry about the things that matter and leave the housing with professionals like Student Room Flat.

To book a room in Florence, you can send us a booking request via our website. If the room, student residence, or flatshare is available and the requested dates are accepted, we will send you an email that your request was accepted. Be careful, the room is not yours yet! To confirm your booking, you will be asked to pay the booking fees and deposit. Then you will have to pay your first rent at least 2 weeks before your arrival. For last minute bookings (less than 15 days before the beginning of the contract), you will have to pay the booking fees, deposit and first rent at once to confirm your booking.

The best neighborhoods for students in Florence are: Santa maria novella – duomo, Sant’ Ambrogio, San Lorenzo, San Marco, San Niccolo, Novoli and  Santo Spirito

 You can read more about each neighborhood here.


Yes, you should go on Erasmus+ to Florence! This is an affordable Erasmus + destination in Italy, especially compared to Rome and Milan, for example. 

Florence a city with a lovely international environment, great cultural activities available, beautiful architecture, and quality restaurants and bars, which are all the ingredients you need for a memorable eramus+ life!

No,  thankfully you do not need to speak fluent Italian to study in Florence! You usually have plenty of courses with classes in English. When it comes to finding student accommodation in Florence, if Italian is not your forte, we recommend you to use student housing platforms such as Student Room Flat where the communication between hosts and tenants is as easy and smooth as possible.

Accommodation in Florence in fully furnished and equipped flats can go from as low as 420 EUR. Just make sure you pick the right neighborhood for you, and you set a monthly budget with what you can afford in terms of food, accommodation, transport, and leisure activities before deciding anything else.