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Camilo Co-living Porto

Welcome to a newly renovated residence converted into an amazing co-living space for students and interns. Located in the calm area of Bonfim, Camilo Co-living offers you the maximum comfort, privacy and fun during your stay in Porto!

Camilo Co-living gives you more than just a room to live in! 

In Student Room Flat we truly believe that your home is your first social network and this building was created having in mind the importance of providing you quality shared areas that promote long discussions, entertainment and friendship. “Alone but never lonely”: Camilo Co-living assures you absolute privacy in your room when you need it!

From 300 € / month

All Bills Included

Suite Bedroom

What do you think about a comfy bed in a spacious room with a  bathroom just for you?

Have a quality stay with the maximum privacy you can get for an affordable price!

  • Spacious Room With Single or King Size Bed
  • Private Bathroom for Maximum Privacy
  • Working Desk, Lamp and Chair

Regular Bedroom

Keep the privacy of your room and simply share the spacious bathroom! 

At any time feel free to exchange the quietude of your room for the vibrant community of tenants in the living area.

  • Single or King Size Bed
  • Spacious Shared Bathroom
  • Working Desk, Lamp and Chair

From 200 € / month

All Bills Included

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Use our search engine with all criteria (floor, type of room, duration of your stay…) fill and select one or more student rooms you are interested in!

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Once your request is accepted, you can confirm it by paying online. After you book your room you’ll receive an e-mail to prepare your arrival and start your amazing adventure in Porto!

Perfect Location

Turn your student life into holidays!


Live close to the vibrant city center, but stay away from all the fuss and noise!  Campo 24 de Agosto metro station is less than a 4 minutes walk away from the co-living residence, the same for the bus stop, assuring you have easy access to the main attractions and universities of Porto!

Want to travel around Portugal during your stay? In Camilo Co-living you are 5 minutes away from the main bus station of the city and 15 mins from the train station Campanhã! Don’t waste your time getting around the tourists and dealing with traffic, your ticket to rest of the country is one nice stroll away!


Your New Home is Ready and Waiting For You!

Study hard, play harder: your new spacious living area is the perfect meeting point for all the students looking for a place to work or simply chill.

“Sun in the sky you know how I feel”: the outdoor lounge promises to be the perfect stage for many sunny afternoons with your new mates, just bring the cold drinks!

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Living Area With Big Screen TV
  • Exclusive Laundry Room
  • Spacious Outdoor Lounge

Free Porto Guide! Live the City Like a Local!

Welcome to Porto, Portugal! 

This free e-book will be the perfect Porto tour guide during your time in the city! Discover the best spots to eat and to visit for free. Enjoy your new city like a local!

100% Free Cancellation and Immediate Refund

Your health and well-being are and always will be our top priorities!

That’s why, taking into consideration the uncertainty driven by the Covid19 crisis, we have updated our cancellation policy allowing more flexibility of booking cancellation to allow you to book with full confidence.

  • During all summer (for lease agreement starting 1st of May till end August) and without specific conditions,  providing the cancellation notice is sent at least 7 days prior starting date of the lease agreement (if not the deposit will be refunded but not the booking fees).
  • For all bookings done with a lease agreement starting end of August, in September or October, if the university where you plan to study or the company you plan to work for in the coming months, cancelled the study program or the internship due to the Covid-19 crisis or if the ban to travel does not allow you to reach your destination.

 We got you covered and your bookings fees will be fully refunded whenever COVID-19 gets in your plans!

Secure your future adventure abroad, safely book now, and your dream room will be ready and waiting

Check all the conditions updated in our Terms of Service