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Looking for a private room in a flatshare, studio, student residence or co-living in Madrid?

You don’t speak the language, the city is still unknown to you, and renting a room sounds like a risky task? 

No worries, with Student Room Flat you have exclusive access to verified and trustworthy Hosts that will help to find the best student accommodation in Madrid.

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Student Housing in Madrid

Cheap student accommodation in Madrid might not be the easiest to find. This metropolitan capital offers amazing education opportunities and a unique Erasmus+ life experience, but when it comes to student housing Madrid does not make it that easy!

But no worries, we’re here to help!  The best way to find accommodation in Madrid is precisely to start by defining the type of student housing that better fits your Erasmus+ life. Madrid gives you the chance to either rent a private room, live in a fully furnished and equipped flatshare, stay in a student residence or get your own private studio.

After you pick the best type of student accommodation in Madrid, you can navigate a sea of choices depending on if you want to rent a room close to the University of Madrid, find a flat close to Malasana and Lavapies or stay at a student residence next to Pompeu Fabra University.

Villaverde Alto
From 320
From 330
From 360
From 440
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Costa de la Luz
From 450
Dome flat
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Los Ángeles 🏹
From 500

Flatshare in Madrid for students

For those who wish to keep their privacy while still having some social life at home, sharing a flat is no doubt the best type of student accommodation in Madrid. You’ll find listed in Student Room Flat fully furnished and equipped student flats near Sol and Barrios de Las Letras,  with modern rooms and common areas.  There are plenty of student flats in Madrid, but our team assures that in your flatshare only international students or interns will stay. And why do we filter our tenants you might ask yourself? Because it’s important that you are sharing a flat in Madrid with housemates with a similar lifestyle as yours. 

Student Residences in Madrid

Sometimes the best accommodation for students in Madrid is precisely in the student residences.  Student residences in Madrid can offer perks such as cleaning service, access to a study area and gym room, canteen with meals for a fair price and many other extras suitable for students who just started university in Madrid. When looking for your student accommodation in Madrid keep in mind that nowadays student residences don’t only offer you the chance of sharing a room, you can also keep your privacy and rent a single room or even a fully equipped studio! The idea of student residences being old, uncomfortable, and packed has totally changed and you can now stay in a student residence in Madrid and feel like you are living in a hotel. With student accommodation platforms such as Student Room Flat you can rent a room in a student residence in Madrid with easiness and trust and assure your experience abroad will be as comfortable and convenient as possible.  You’ll be able to book a room in a student residence close to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Discover Madrid student city

Start Your Erasmus in Madrid

We welcome you to Madrid with the best student housing options, perfectly located in trendy neighborhoods, next to main universities and places of interest! All options of student accommodation in Madrid offered by Student Room flat are verified, belonging to trustworthy and professional hosts.

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100% Free Cancellation

We have a special Free Cancellation Policy that intends to protect you in case Covid-19 gets in your plans! See our Terms and Conditions.

Rooms Perfectly Located

Our private student rooms are located near tourist attractions, grocery shops, parks, transports, bars and great restaurants in Madrid.

Fully Furnished Flats

All rooms are completely equipped and furnished to make your life easier.

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Our teamis here for you! We support you before, duirng and after your stay. Your safe adventure abroad starts with your booking request!

Erasmus Life in Madrid

Our online and offline community of tenants is ready to welcome you to your new adventure in Madrid! Connect with tenants from all over Europe while living your experience abroad in the beautiful city of Madrid!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best student accommodation in Madrid is probably not your only worry. Moving abroad comes with its challenges and questions so we want to help you take the best decision.

To book a room in Madrid, you can send us a booking request via our website. If the room, student residence, or flatshare is available and the requested dates are accepted, we will send you an email that your request was accepted. Be careful, the room is not yours yet! To confirm your booking, you will be asked to pay the booking fees and deposit. Then you will have to pay your first rent at least 2 weeks before your arrival. For last minute bookings (less than 15 days before the beginning of the contract), you will have to pay the booking fees, deposit and first rent at once to confirm your booking.

Madrid is a very big city as you may know and the best neighborhoods can depend on where you’ll be studying or working. We leave you here some of the most famous neighborhoods in Madrid: Sol, Madrid de Los Austrias, Las Letras, Chueca, La Latina, Malasana, Lavapies, Salamanca and Las Salesas. You can read more about each neighborhood here.



Yes, if what you are looking for is an Erasmus+ experience in a city full of opportunities, both for fun and work, Madrid is the place to be. The city is very business-oriented and depending on the scope of your studies and your willingness to succeed  Madrid can offer you an unlimited number of life choices! 

No, you do not need to speak Spanish to study in Madrid. Depending on what you decide to study, Madrid has plenty of universities that offer classes in English. In your day-to-day life, since Madrid is a big city and also as touristic as business-oriented, people tend to be able to speak English with no major problems. When it comes to finding student accommodation in Madrid, if you don’t speak the language, the best is to use student housing platforms such as Student Room Flat.

As a student, a city’s affordable cost of life can dictate the quality of your stay. But fear not, even if Madrid is more expensive than other famous European Erasmus+ destinations you can still live comfortably depending on your lifestyle. For example, you can find student accommodation in Madrid starting from 450 EUR providing you pick the right neighborhood.

100% Free Cancellation and Immediate Refund

Your health and well-being are and always will be our top priorities! That’s why, taking into consideration the uncertainty driven by the Covid19 crisis, we have updated our cancellation policy allowing more flexibility of booking cancellation to allow you to book with full confidence.
  • During all summer (for lease agreement starting 1st of May till end August) and without specific conditions,  providing the cancellation notice is sent at least 7 days prior starting date of the lease agreement (if not the deposit will be refunded but not the booking fees). 

  • For all bookings done with a lease agreement starting in December, January or February, if the university where you plan to study or the company you plan to work for in the coming months, cancelled the study program (be aware the online classes are not a reason for canceling your reservation) or the internship due to the Covid-19 crisis or if the ban to travel does not allow you to reach your destination, your bookings fees will be fully refunded.
We got you covered and your bookings fees will be fully refunded whenever COVID-19 gets in your plans! Secure your future adventure abroad, safely book now, and your dream room will be ready and waiting Check all the conditions updated in our Terms of Service

Last Update: 20/10/20

Student Accommodation

COVID-19 Flexibilní zrušení rezervace

Vaše zdraví a spokojenost jsou a vždy budou naší hlavní prioritou!

Proto jsme vzhledem k nejistotě vyvolané krizí Covid-19 aktualizovali zásady pro zrušení rezervace, abychom našim uživatelům umožnili větší flexibilitu a možnost rezervovat naprosto bez rizika. 

Buď si jistý/a, že:

– pokud univerzita, na které jsi měl/a studovat, nebo společnost, pro kterou jsi měl/a v plánu pracovat v následujících měsících, zruší studijní program nebo stáž z důvodu krize Covid-19,

– pokud ti zákaz cestování nedovolí dorazit do cílové země: Kryjeme ti záda a rezervační poplatky ti budou vráceny v plné výši kdykoliv ti COVID-19 překazí plány! 

Naplánuj své budoucí dobrodružství, zarezervuj bezpečně už teď a tvůj vysněný pokoj na tebe bude čekat.

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