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Camilo Co-living: An empty house turned into a Co-living full of life

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The Story

Located in one attractive neighbourhood of Porto, Camilo Co-Living house has the portuguese culture on it. 

When the question came into mind, our expertise in the rental market for 12 years allowed us to see clearly the potential to create a co-living just in the center of an attractive city. 

Let’s take a look at the transformation! 

The Goals

  • Answer to a strong demand in the market of digital nomads & young professionals looking for co-living accommodation in Porto 
  • Offer more than an accommodation solution and bring a fresh concept to the rental market
  • Increase rental incomes with more competitive pricing
  • Grow overall revenues and property value

The Process

  • Market Research: before going into a project of this scale, a detailed analysis and market research gave us the answers we were looking for. 
  • Remodeling of the house: one key point of this project was the planning and remodeling of the house. Composed by 4 floors, the entire house was rebuilt to have 21 private bedrooms and multiple living areas. 
  • Interior Design: After the reconstruction, it comes the time to give some identity to it. All the interior design was planned keeping in mind the needs of our target audience. 
  • Creating of the concept: it’s not done yet! The identity of the house is not only about the spaces and design but also about all branding around it. 
  • Communication & Booking Plan: We designed a detailed plan to boost the reservations and keep the communication with the clients alive.
  • Property Management: to maintain the good state of the property and give support to the tenants during their stays, we invested in property management. The good health of the house, means happiness of our clients and, consequently, successful bookings.

The Results

This project was born to revolutionize the accommodation experience of our clients. By remodeling the house, all spaces were created to be the co-living accommodation in Porto and increase the monthly revenues. 

  • With the reconstructions and addiction of an ample living space, an outside lounge and several other living areas, we were able to increase the rate of interest and instant booking. 
  • Renting of only private rooms has increased the value of the property and has increased the percentage of reservations; 
  • The concept of co-living allowed Camilo Co-Living to stand out in the market and to offer a completely fresh accommodation experience with a huge community of happy guests; 

By focusing on developing the value proposition to the final client, we were able to boost the bookings and to reach a full booked property!

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