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1. Find Your Room

Don’t just find a room, find your room! Use our search engine with all criteria (area, duration of your stay…), fill and select one or more rooms that fit you!

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Access to our exclusive  range of certified landlords with verified  well-located properties. 

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We help you find the perfect room to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Enjoy our personalized rental service!

No payment needed!

2. Send a Request

Did you pick your favourite rooms? Great!

Now, simply fill the form and send us a booking request. Our multilingual team will contact you shortly to confirm the availability.

Create Your Tenant Profile

Create your personal profile and access your Tenant Space where you’ll be able to clearly and easily check the state of your booking request.

3. Finalize your Booking

Your experience abroad is one click away! Once your request is accepted, you can confirm it by safely paying online.

What do I need to pay?

  • Don’t worry, at this point you’ll only need to pay Deposit and Booking Fees.
  • Deposit: which will be returned to you, by your landlord, at the end of your stay if everything is in order.
  • Booking Fee: a one time payment to cover our safe and personalized rental service.  It ensures you a comfortable and safe stay from the very first moment you book your room until you leave. 

4. Enjoy your Stay!

Congratulations, your new life abroad has just started! 

You will receive an email to prepare your arrival. Pay your first rent and start your exciting international adventure.

International Community

You are now part of a growing community of young international tenants who dared to live their best life abroad and make unforgettable memories!

Support During Your Stay

Alone but never lonely! Our passionate team is here for you! We are young, professional and most of all international, so we got you covered!

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