Where to live in Milan? Best Neighborhoods in Milan

Centro Storico - The most central neighborhood in Milan

Central Milan is home to the Duomo cathedral, Europe’s 3rd largest church and the 5th largest in the world. The historic center is where you’ll find some of Milan’s top touristic attractions; Palazzo Reale and Museo del Novecento are just a few minutes from the cathedral. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest active shopping mall, is also located at the Piazza de Duomo. Milan’s leading Opera House “Teatro alla Scala” and Castello Sforzesco, a 15th century castle are also within the city center zone. Fashion enthusiasts will enjoy a stroll in the nearby Fashion Quarter, where all the famous names in luxury fashion and haute couture have their showrooms and headquarters. When looking for where to live in Milan keep in mind this is one o the best neighborhoods in Milan for those who do not mind noisy, busy and touristy areas and prefer to live in the heart of the city.

Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia, part of the Centro Storico, is a crossroad for the artistic community. This neighborhood is filled with a variety of art galleries such as the PAC (Contemporary Art Pavilion) and the Galleria D’Arte Moderna, where European art is displayed, inside an 18th century palace. One of Milan’s most romantic parks, Indro Montanelli surrounds the palace and is great for a lovely walk under the sun. The LGBTQ community also gathers around Porta Venezia considering that the area is full of gay bars. Due to the affordable rents, this is a popular choice by students and young professionals looking for where to live in Milan. Keep in mind that Porta Venezia has a large Eritrean community, so you can try something different in a variety of Eritrean restaurants and bakeries, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Milan.


Milan’s former factory district is today a renowned center where creativity flows. A lively area packed with independent fashion studios and many co-working spaces, perfect for digital nomad workers looking for where to live in Milan. While you’re there you should visit the Opificio 31 culture complex, inside the jaw-dropping zipper building. Tortona is also home to the Armani/Silos museum alongside Giorgio Armani’s headquarters. Don’t forget to visit Museo delle Culture, Mudec, and explore the outstanding exhibitions. Each spring, the streets of Tortona host many fashion shows as part of the Designer Week!


Brera used to be the spot where all of Milan’s former artists and poets once gathered. It is undoubtedly one of Milan’s most beautiful and chic areas. Romantic cobbled streets and charming architecture makes Brera perfect for a dinner date or a lovely walk in the Botanical Garden, one of the city’s hidden gems. Via Brera, the main street, is where you will discover the most extraordinary perfumes; creations of Diptyque, Le Labo and other famous brands. Brera is home to Pinacoteca Di Brera, the famous art gallery, where you will get the chance to explore some of the world’s most emblematic paintings, such as “The kiss” Francesco Hayez.

Porta Romana

Sophisticated Porta Romana consists of two completely different sides, which is important to know when looking for where to live in Milan..The one closer to the center is full of well-kept residential buildings, avenues, boutiques, and fancy restaurants where you can enjoy international flavors. The other side is filled with bars and crafty markets popular with young people. Fondazione Prada, Milan’s leading contemporary art space, is not to be missed. Plenty of creative installations, futuristic exhibitions, and a cafeteria designed by director Wes Anderson are set to leave you speechless! When looking for where to live in Milan many young international students Porta Romana is considered one of the best neighborhoods!


Navigli, located southwest of the city, is divided by two canals, Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese. Multicultural, friendly and informal makes the ideal place to hang out with friends. You can admire the street art, visit some artsy boutiques, or dig for rare books inside an old bookshop. Keep in mind that Navigli is perfect for a Sunday stroll through the Antique market where you can shop vintage furniture, comics, jewelry and more.

Paolo Sarpi: Chinatown

Milan’s Chinatown is set in a very busy spot of the city. Authenticity is evident in the language and signs all over Chinatown while various restaurants offer a great alternative, budget-friendly option for young people. The flavors are set to convince even the biggest fans of Asian cuisine. Chinatown is also a great place to shop; authentic kimonos, vintage furniture and food. While you are there you should visit Fabbrica del Vapore, a former steam factory which turned into a creative hub!

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