New Optimized Booking Tool Has Arrived!

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The booking feature you were looking for has arrived and it is time to find out how to have to best use out of it. Discover in this article how to get started, how to use it efficiently and its benefits!

First things first. This tool offers total control of your booking requests with simple actions. Before getting into the process, let’s have a better understanding of the tool.

This smart functionality will allow you to accept requests for accommodation, reject and suggest an alternative in case you don’t have availability. But there’s more. To assure you won’t lose any prospect opportunities, you will get notified by email with the main information about the requests. Within one click you can login into your Host Dashboard and start processing the requests!

Before jumping into it, let’s recap: 

Communication is key. Make sure to contact our team to set up the right contact person to receive the requests before starting. Assure a fast response, we don’t want to lose any prospects!

Approve your booking requests

Accept your booking request with one click. After being notified in your mailbox with information about the request, login into Host Dashboard to continue. If you have availability in those dates, great! You will be notified after the booking is confirmed and it was as easy as it sounds.

One tip: the faster you take an action, the higher will your offers be displayed in our website! Great, right? Nothing better than be the first option right in front of potential client’s eyes.

Suggest an alternative

You don’t have availability for those dates? No worries! You can either change the dates of check-in/out or suggest an alternative room that would fit better. Remember, our focus is to book so get into your portfolio and explore all the options you could offer.

Synchronization with your internal bedrooms ID’S

We understand the value of your time and the importance of accessing all the information you need from one tool. With our integration with your bedrooms ID’s you can work better! Search rooms & offer alternatives using your internal ID’S.

Student Room Flat team will assure you have the right communication support and the stay is successful.

Make sure to have a good understanding of your new optimized booking feature! Get in touch with Student Room Flat team to assure the best results. 

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