Top 5 cities in Europe for Student Housing

In well known that location is a crucial factor when it comes to the real estate market. The student housing segment is no different! Additionally, the lifestyle, the cost of living, the culture – all come together when it comes to choosing a destination! Based on the choices of our international students,  Student Room Flat has built a top 5 of rental markets. Let’s take a look at them!

Prague: The International Student Housing Meeting Place 

top 5 cities Prague

There are only a few cities in Europe as beautiful as Prague. That’s right, the old world look of the city is just one of its features.  It is possible to still feel the influence of the Bohemian kings, classical music composers, and that’s what makes this city architecture so peculiar! 

Prague also offers a great location for Erasmus students. Its vibrant life makes it a top choice and one of the strongest rental markets nowadays.  Neighborhoods like  Staré Mesto, Malá Strana, Hradcany, and Nové Mesto have a huge demand and represent a profit opportunity for landlords and student housing operators. 

The Czech capital has been facing exponential growth in the past years. In 2021, the city has welcomed 25 432 international students and, in 2020 had an increase of 8.1%. This represents a huge demand for flatshare and co-living, which has become a strong choice when it comes to the type of accommodation.

Regarding the flatshare, apartments with between 4 and 5 bedrooms make the top sales! Of course, it is also important to provide and invest in common spaces, as Grammy apartment does it just right! With 100% of occupancy, Konevova co-living shows us the power of community management and its huge potential nowadays!

Porto: A Cultural Discovery for tenants and a profit opportunity for landlords

Top 5 cities Porto

In the past years, Portugal has been recognized as an incredible destination for Erasmus students, registering an increase of 2.4% in the number of students.

Located in the north of the country, Porto is attractive for both its cheap lifestyle and culture. Of course, also its proximity to the sea and outdoor life makes it a great city to live in! Year over year, thousands of international students choose Porto to be their temporary house and their eternal Erasmus memory.

These numbers represent a huge space to invest in student housing accommodation and to maximize profits with rental properties.  According to our data, we have come to a pattern: flatshare and spaces with a co-living vibe make the most profit for landlords. With Camilo Co-Living we have reached a constant cycle of full occupancy! In the alternative, student Residences like Porto Sentido & Invicta are also revealed to be a strong choice. It offers, not only privacy but also the spirit of flatshare and the international environment. 

Madrid: students will never get tired of it!

Top 5 cities in Europe for Student Housing

Full of life and with a vibrant feeling: yes, Madrid is as appealing as it sounds! With ages between 20-29, Erasmus students go for the exciting experience and young professionals for the city urban life full of opportunities!

The rental market has as many opportunities! Locations like Gran Via, Goya and Sol represent have a high demand. Consequently, there are great chances of having a full house with your rentals.

Madrid represents a big market for Student Room Flat – 860 rooms online – and the good news is: is never enough offer! With an international community, Madrid seems to be the place where students will never get tired of! When it comes to the preferred type of accommodation, flatshare sticks again! In the case of the Spanish capital, there is a big demand for apartments with between 7 and 9 bedrooms. A big opportunity to multiply incomes!

Barcelona: do they want to go to the seaside? Yes, they do!

Top 5 cities in Europe for Student Housing

Barcelona has the magic look and it’s filled with fun and joy. The capital of Catalan draws attention with its architecture, lifestyle, museums, and entertainment life!

The most exciting zones to live in are also the most profitable ones to rent out your apartment. El Poble Sec definitely one of them! Known for its tapas bars and drinking places, this district is also a great option for watching theaters and musicals! Also, The charming Gothic Quarter, locally known as Barri Gòtic!

If you’re wondering about which type of accommodation to go for, we also have the answer! Flatshare like Meridiana Apartment catches a lof the attention of the huge universe of international students.  The demand for co-living spaces has been growing and more than a trend, it start to be a need in the rental market!

Krakow: the cozy home for Erasmus students! 

Top 5 cities in Europe for Student Housing

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and it is in the top choices for international students! An open-air museum in the full sense of the word. Krakow managed to preserve its multi-layered historical texture from the Middle Ages to the Cold War period and until today. Its history and cheap lifestyle attract foreigners from all over the world looking for a cozy home!

Stare Miasto is not only a zone full of life and tourism but also one of the most wanted districts to live in. Its surroundings make the rental investment worth it! According to Student Room Flat data, private studios and flatshare are the most looked at options.  With the increase of foreign students, the need for accommodation also grows.

The data has spoken! The general evolution of these top 5 European markets also shows a lot of rental opportunities. The demand for student housing has been growing with the number of international students choosing Prague, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, and Krakow as Erasmus destinations. For the landlords and investors, this means: is time to rent and offer a second house to your tenants!

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