Top 10: The Most Visited Properties of 2021 at Student Room Flat website!

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That time of the year has arrived! Make lists, set goals, and look at the future! But before we wrap up another year, we went back to take a look at our website visitors’ preferences! With 22 Erasmus destinations, Student Room Flat has attracted curious people from all over the world!

Discover the 10 most visited properties of 2021:

Camilo Co-Living, Porto

Camilo Co-Living was one of the top choices of our curious visitors! The concept of co-living has been growing and that was reflected on our website traffic. Camilo offers, not only comfort but also a happy community! We can’t wait to see where co-living will take us for 2022.

Check it: Camilo Co-Living 

Zen, Prague

Zen apartment also made its way to the top! Located in one of the most attractive European cities, the offer is pretty clear: all the perks of a flatshare and the most comfort for a great international experience.

Check it out: Zen 

Bistro Apartment, Prague

Bistro Apartment won its position! It offers a location in one of the most charismatic neighborhoods and the opportunity to share a memorable experience in a flatshare for 7 people!

Check it out: Bistro Apartment 

Castle Apartment, Prague

The name speaks for itself and our users know it better! Castle apartment is located in one of the historical zones of Prague. With such a privileged location is difficult to resist, right?

Check it out: Castle 

City Apartment, Krakow

Modern & bright, City Apartment also revealed to be one of the choices with more page views! Our visitors didn’t resist to its friendly design in the heart of Krakow.

Check it out: City Apartment 

Neoclassic Apartment, Madrid

Next stop: Madrid! Neoclassic builds our top 10 most visited properties. With 10 bedrooms, it offers an international atmosphere and you can sense it straight away. Perfect for the Erasmus experience our users are looking for.

Check it out: Neo Classic 

70’s Studios, Krakow

It is time to go back to Krakow! 70’studios provides a special housing option. For those looking for more privacy and a cozy environment can be the answer! And the good news: it is located just in the heart of the city.

Check it out: 70’s Studios 

Grammy, Prague

An image can be worth a thousand words, right? Grammy also gained the interest of our website visitors! With a clean and fresh design, it has been the home for many international students in Prague.

Check it out: Grammy 

Domingo Flat, Madrid

Do you know that cozy Sunday feeling? That’s Domingo Flat! Student Room Flat visitors felt it too! Located in Madrid offers a flatshare and promises a memorable Erasmus experience.

Check it out: Domingo Flat 

Red Horse Residence, Porto

Red Horse Residence gained its position with a special offer! With 12 bedrooms, this residence provides a more familiar and international atmosphere in the heart of Porto.

Check it out: property: Red Horse Residence 

Our visitors preferences passed through the magical Porto, the delightful Prague, the historical Krakow, and the exciting city of Madrid! Co-Living, Flatshare, cozy Student Residences, and private studios made the top choices of 2021. We can’t wait to conquer new Erasmus destinations and to be part of the Student Housing revolution!

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