Lisbon: Explore The Top 5 Day Trips!

 When it comes to fun all we can think about is Lisbon ! An ideal Erasmus+ destination that will definitely steal your heart. However, once you are done strolling around Lisbon ’s top neighborhoods you’ ll find yourself craving something different. 

Luckily, there are lots of places for you to visit outside the city limits. Imagine royal palaces, hilltop castles, wild coastlines, and mysterious standing stones. That’s right! And all of them are easily explored on a day trip from the city. Hop on board to know all about Lisbon ’s best day trip destinations! 


One of the best day trips from Lisbon! Cascais is a luxurious, resort town in the west coast of Portugal. It shares the coastline with a white and blue, red-topped lighthouse overlooking the emerald bay, blending to create a dreamy view. Either you choose to relax on a beach or stroll through the mesmerising old town, this place won’t disappoint!

Your to do list should first include an exploration of the Cidadela Art District, a favourite spot for photographers and history enthusiasts. Next on, Boca do Inferno is an absolute must-see. This spectacular natural phenomenon, whose name means “mouth of hell”, is anything but hellish. You can admire the breathtaking scenery from the boardwalk, or in one of the many viewpoints. If you enjoy cycling, a bike ride along the ocean-front path is a need! Plus, as a visitor, you get to borrow a bike for free. There are multiple pick-up areas, including the main tourist office in the town centre.



Sintra is very close to Lisbon and has a lot to offer, both culturally and nature-wise. A place where you can find wonderful beaches and typical seafood restaurants. It is a very beautiful village and home to one of Portugal’s Seven Wonders, Palácio da Pena. The palace is standing on a hilltop on Portugal’s Atlantic coastline, just outside of medieval Sintra. This Romanticist castle is where Portuguese kings and queens once spent their summers! As for nature lovers, you can go hiking at the mountain range of Serra de Sintra.



Another spot well-deserving of a visit. Ericeira is a village that is about 40 minutes from Lisbon. A place that many erasmus students use to escape the stress of living in the city. Not only does it offer a quieter lifestyle, it’s also full of beaches, where you can relax under the bright summer sun. If you’re into water sports and surfing, Ericeira is where you’ll find your wave! The crystal clear water and wild landscape create a scenery that won’t let you down! 


Planning a roadtrip in the south of Lisbon? Make sure to add Setubal Peninsula on your list. The city of Setubal attracts lots of  visitors every year. The reason? Golden beaches, well famous wineries, and, clearly, seafood! Your first stop should be the fishing town of Sesimbra, in the west. This is where you’ll taste the Portuguese trademark; grilled sardines with lettuce salad, potatoes and white wine.

Next stop, some much needed after-lunch relaxation. The spot? The marina, of course! Sail with a catamaran to find pods of dolphins in the Sado Estuary. Keep in mind that these companies work according to strict rules and control how much time you spend tracking these creatures. With the experienced guides you’ll have no trouble spotting the different species and learn all about them. If you’re lucky enough the dolphins might be in a playful mood, leaping from the water.


Located in the west coast of Setubal Peninsula, Arrabida is the ultimate choice for you, nature lovers! This green paradise can be reached within 30 minutes from Lisbon and is set to leave you speechless. Mesmerising cliffs, chirping birds and aquamarine lagoons are the main ingredients that constitute Arrabida’s Natural Park. The park is ideal for hiking, with Serra do Risco, the highest cliff on mainland Portugal (380 metres above the Atlantic), being the most popular among visitors. Along the way you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery. If you feel like taking a break, do it at one of the many viewpoints, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the sea from above!

So next time you face the dilemma of where to head to, we hope you remember to, simply, revisit this top 5 – which we swear by! Perfect day trip ideas, not too far from your Lisbon student flat, are waiting to be explored! What’s stopping you?


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