7 Reasons To Study In Lille – UPDATED 2024

The biggest city in the North of France, at the border to Belgium, Lille is perfectly situated for traveling throughout Northern Europe. Moreover, it’s a lively urban center exuding a warm and inviting ambience that draws in a considerable influx of international students seeking to further their education. It makes an excellent destination for your Erasmus semester.

Studying in Lille gives access to really good universities and the opportunity to explore a wealthy city’s culture with its own history. You can find here the top reasons to study in Lille for their undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

1. Large choice of Universities

One of the top reasons why Lille is a great place to study abroad is welcoming some of the most prestigious universities in France, like the Université Catholique de Lille, where it is possible to integrate a large choice of programs. There are also many private schools that offer a great student-friendly environment. 

These establishments boast an exceptional team of renowned, seasoned professors hailing from various parts of the globe. Additionally, they provide students with avenues for engagement through various organizations and clubs, as well as cultural events like festivals and concerts held regularly throughout the year.

2. Great Students Communities

Lille has a great history. From the historic center to the quaint cobblestone streets, there’s an abundance of places to explore in and around Lille. The Erasmus+ program in Lille has transformed the city into a cultural melting pot, attracting students from all over the world.

While French remains the predominant language spoken in Lille, one can also encounter a diverse array of languages, including Dutch, Flemish, German, and English, particularly within academic settings. Lille’s large international community attracts students from all over the world, making it an ideal destination for studying abroad.

Best neighborhoods in Lille

3. Learn the French lifestyle

Lille is a cosmopolitan city close to the United Kingdom and Belgium, it offers a mix of lifestyles mainly by French Lifestyle. It’s a fascinating city where you can explore the whole city simply by walking, crossing some old streets with the taverns also called “ Estaminets”, which reminds of the architectural style of the 19th century. Also, in the city center, you will find some absolutely cute places to have a typical French breakfast, also some speciality of Lille like the Welsh or the Flammekueche for your meals. Lille is also famous for its dynamic nightlife. With so many famous bars and pubs in the city, you always have something exciting to do.

4. Discover the typical architecture of the North of France

The architecture of the North of France is totally different than it used to be in the rest of the hexagon. The architecture typical of Lille and the surrounding area combines different styles from medieval to contemporary. In Lille’s city center, cobblestone streets, Haussmann structures and large squares like the Grand-Place make the city sublime. The surrounding neighborhoods boast a wide range of architectural styles, from relics of the industrial era to contemporary renovations. The residential suburbs are mainly made up of typically Nordic houses, often built in red brick. 

5. It’s Easy to Find Accommodation When You Study in Lille

If you’re looking for a cost-effective study destination in Europe, Lille could be an excellent choice. Renowned for its affordable prices, this city offers some of the most advantageous student accommodation options. Similarly, student accommodation in Lille starts at around 400 euros per month, and many units are located close to university campuses. With a relatively low average cost of student living compared to other European cities, Lille is a prime location for studying abroad.

6. Easy to Travel from Lille

A common notion is that traveling within Europe is affordable once you’re already on the continent; the costly part is reaching there initially. If you’re enrolled in a course in Lille, you’ll probably discover numerous opportunities to explore other European countries, be it during breaks or weekends.

From Lille, it is easy to travel to the United Kingdom or to Belgium and the Netherlands by train. Also, it is less than two hours to join the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and take a flight to travel all around the world.

7. Party City: Study in Lille but Remember to Enjoy!

Including the entire Lille metropolitan area, there are over 1.2 million inhabitants, 12.4% of whom are students. This shows the importance of the student community in the city, and reinforces the fact that the city is keen to offer a more than decent student living environment. With its many bars, rue Solférino, rue Masséna and Vieux Lille, it’s impossible not to find places to go out during an Erasmus stay. On top of that, there’s the famous Braderie de Lille, the city’s biggest event, which takes place on the first weekend in September, and is the perfect way to kick off a crazy semester! 

where to live in lille

Final Verdict: Should you study in Lille?

If you are not sure whether Lille is the right choice for your further studies, these reasons should help you make the decision. This French city offers you a high-quality lifestyle on a budget and so much to do and explore in your free time. Lille is certainly one of the best destinations for international students!

Remember that Student Room Flat is here to help you find the best student accommodation in Lille most safely and easily, all 100% online. You can join our growing community of students from all over the world!

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