7 Reasons To Study In Lyon – UPDATED 2024

Placed between the sea and mountains, Lyon, also called la Cité des Gones, is one of the best cities chosen by young people to come and study. France is becoming more and more attractive for a lot of young people, and although Paris is its capital, we should not forget other big metropolises like Lyon, where many people and inventions have emerged.

Student life in Lyon is all about getting to know each other and getting to know the city better! Lyon is known for its dynamic student atmosphere due to the increasing number of international students. The city offers a variety of cultural events to enrich student life and make the most of your time studying abroad.

1. A great place to live

Living in Lyon will be refreshing for any new student. There are many parks in the city for residents to enjoy. The best is undoubtedly the Parc de la Tête d’Or, which even houses a zoo and a botanical garden.

Lyon’s metropolis is situated between the Saône and Rhône rivers. During sunny days, the quays have become a vibrant place for all Lyonnais. the quays are an integral part of life in Lyon and once you’ve been there, you won’t be able to live without them. 

Lyon is a very popular city for students, for its good living and cultural heritage, not to mention its gastronomy. You can find affordable accommodation in Lyon from 500 euros in the centre of town, close to many shops such as La Part Dieu. 

Student accommodation in Lyon is designed to meet the needs of modern living. Whether in student residences or shared apartments, every space is optimized for comfort and functionality. Rooms are often equipped with practical furniture, high-speed Internet access and additional services to make daily life easier for students. 

2. Training of excellence when you study in Lyon

You’ll often see several Lyon-based establishments at the top of the rankings.

Lyon can count on its engineering schools such as Centrale and l’INSA Lyon, which are among the best in their sector from ITECH to Polytech.
On the business side, EM Lyon is one of France’s top 5 business schools.

The city’s three universities are well regarded, but the preparatory classes and grandes écoles are even more renowned. Today, 40% of students are not from Lyon or the surrounding area, and 10% come from abroad. Whatever you want to study, you’ll have plenty of quality options to choose from.

3. Shopping activities

When we arrive in a new city, the first thing we look for is an opportunity to explore our neighborhood. Lyon offers plenty of sports activities, from football clubs to rugby stadiums, which allow students to stay in good shape.

And how can we talk about Lyon without mentioning its famous shopping mall, Westfield Part Dieu. It covers an area of more than 247,000m2 in the center of Lyon near the main train station, Part-Dieu. It is the largest shopping center in France, offering a unique shopping experience with a variety of stores from shoe shops to international brands and groups such as Galleries Lafayette. I can assure you that you will find happiness here.

Furthermore, the mall hosts numerous restaurants on its last two floors, a food society for all food enthusiasts, a cinema, and an arcade room.

4. Lyon’s Delicious Gastronomy

Lyon is the spot if you’re into awesome food. It has a cool market, Hall Paul Bocuse, named after the famous chef, where you will be able to find many fresh products. For some local food, we advise you to try one of Lyon’s famous “bouchons” to experience the local cuisine.

In addition, as a student, you cannot pass a street in Lyon without finding a French taco place. One thing is clear: a student from Lyon will always be able to find French tacos after a party if they get hungry no matter the hours.

5. Rich Cultural patrimony

Lyon is full of many secrets. The city is famous for its fascinating history of Roman theater and its numerous art museums, offering students privileged access to culture and local history. Between religious buildings overlooking the entire city and its many parks, Lyon’s numerous monuments are sure to charm you.

Indeed, Lyon is the birthplace of the Lumière brothers, inventors of cinematography and pioneers of modern cinema. In the narrow streets of “Vieux Lyon,” you will find the Museum of Cinema. For all film enthusiasts, you will discover life-size statues of your favorite movie characters and original costumes, as well as many magical creatures from the world of cinema.

6. The vibrant nightlife

Every year, Lyon offers its students a cultural spectacle. The city hosts many festivals such as “The World Student Night,” where Lyon welcomes all its new students with a free party featuring concerts, DJ sets, dance floors, and artistic performances. Moreover, the city of Lyon has so much to offer; you cannot miss its famous “Fêtes des Lumières,” “Les Nuits de Fourvière,” or “Les Nuits Sonores.”

Furthermore, when you study in Lyon nights are always bustling with activity. Between various pubs, dance bars, and clubs, everyone will find their preferred style. As a student, you will be able to enjoy a diverse and dynamic nightlife experience, with lively evenings in different parts of the city.

7. Endless Travel Opportunities When You Study in Lyon

As a student, we know that traveling can be difficult. Thanks to its strategic location in France, Lyon offers you the possibility to travel anywhere in Europe at an affordable price. From a 3-hour drive to reach the south of France to enjoy the sun and its beaches.

For those who prefer skiing over tanning, many mountains and national parks are nearby, as well as Switzerland or Italy. And for those who prefer a weekend in Paris, you can count on a 2-hour train ride to arrive in the famous capital. Everyone will find their taste.

Should you study in Lyon?

If your choice is not sure, remember that studying in Lyon will be an enriching experience that combines knowledge, culture and quality of life. 

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