My Internship in Porto by Thibaut Da Silva Rocha

Let’s meet Thibaut, an ambitious French student with Portuguese roots looking for an internship in Porto after travelling in Australia for one whole year. Thibaut is joining Student Room Flat as a trainee in the digital marketing and booking departments and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him.

“Hello, I’m Thibaut.
I’m the new member of your SRF Team! I live in Reims, east of Paris. I chose Porto to get
me a new experience and to improve myself with my internship in Student Room Flat!
I am currently in my Master’s degree in International Communication at ISCOM Lille.
I started my internship with Student Room Flat in mid-January 2024 as Social Media
Management, Content Creation & Booking Assistant. I’ve been discovering things every day
since the first day, I like to be challenged and I accept it voluntarily. Getting out of my comfort
zone is sensational for me. I will do my best to help my colleagues and also the
international students!
First of all, from the beginning of our exchange with the SRF team, from my application to
the job, the answer was quick and the conversation looked like two people on the same
level, not with a superior and an inferior.

Secondly, we made many exchanges to be sure about our decisions, if my profile is
matching with them and if the living environment was going to please me.
Finally, the mission and what job I will have. At the beginning, my mission is to support the
Booking department in all aspects, to use the database, to respond to the tenants and future
tenants and exchange with customers. Then I create and animate some community groups
and create content for them. Also I will translate the website in French for easier access.

Let’s talk about myself. In 2021, I started two sabbatical years, the first one in Lille to work in
the hospitality field, the purpose was to work in an unknown field for me and to make money
for my second sabbatical year. Then I travelled for one year in Australia, I worked again but I
also discovered this amazing country and myself. Traveling alone was for me an
indescribable experience. When I got the chance to travel again for 6 months during my
internship, I immediately chose Porto. First of all, because this city has attracted me for a
while. Then because I wanted to live in my family’s country and to live close to my

I recommend you all to come at least once to Porto to discover it. Otherwise, I love
travelling, discovering new people, and new cultures, and learning from our exchanges. I am
curious by nature and I have a passion for many fields of activities, such as music, sports,
gaming and movies.
I was lucky to travel a lot since my teenage years and my favourite destination was Tokyo, it’s
so different culture and many places to visit. But Sydney is my second because a part of my
life is there, I made many memories, discoveries and friends.
Now, my dream is to travel to Scandinavia, because I already did my first dream to visit
Japan and to travel by myself to Australia.”

If like Thibaut you’d like to find an internship in Porto, make sure you check our careers page.

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