3 Things You Can’t Forget to Check Before Leaving for Erasmus!

The departure for your Erasmus is just around the corner! But as exciting as it might be, there are things you must remember to check beforehand to guarantee a safe and unproblematic trip and stay abroad. Here is a simple checklist of all the documents, administrative procedures, or money concerns you should make sure to take care of.

Visa & permits

Before leaving for Erasmus you need to check the necessity for a Visa or permit. Usually, countries of the European Union don’t require any visas or permits, however, you should still check regulations that are specific to your Erasmus country since some might still ask for certain documents, criteria, and possibly more when it comes to mid-term/long-term stays on their territory.

Of course, if your country isn’t part of the EU, you will be required to furnish a Visa or permit depending on your origin and destination country, as well as your situation (student/worker). It is important to consider this matter soon enough since Visas usually take at least one month to be delivered, and sometimes the waiting time can reach multiple months.

Some countries that aren’t part of the EU sometimes have agreements with EU countries for permits, which can be very helpful, so make sure to inform yourself before engaging in any administrative procedure.

In addition, certain EU countries might ask you to register your residence after 3 months of stay and ask you to provide proof of your studies/internship, so be prepared for that. Know that you can register anytime at any address you’ll book through our website.

Medical system & insurance

Another thing you can’t forget to check before leaving for Erasmus is medical matters. If you have medical insurance in your home country, check if your medical insurance is also valid in your Erasmus country. If your home country is part of the EU, then you can apply for the European Insurance Card which will offer you medical coverage in any country of the union.

Another trick is to check banks with student offers that cover medical bills during your stay abroad. You can start by asking your bank if they have any deals of the kind, otherwise you can look into others. Even though searching for such deals might be a bit of a hassle, you’d be surprised by the advantages you might get from certain institutions.

Very important! Check if the medicines you might need are available in your destination country & take some with you💊! We tend to take for granted the medicines we are used to in our home country, and we get surprised once we need them but our Erasmus country doesn’t have that type of medicine. To avoid getting into a problematic situation that might put your health at risk, prepare ahead of time a small pharmacy with all the essential medicines you might need, especially if you have fragile health or have a specific medical condition. It is also a great way of saving money.

Medical expenses can be very pricey abroad if you’re not prepared for them, so make sure to carefully check everything mentioned above to have a safe, organized, and stress-free stay.

Currency & payments

Last but not least, before leaving for Erasmus, look into international payment matters. You should check ahead of time if your destination country has the same currency as you, and if not, check how much the exchange fees are. You should also check the withdrawal & transfer fees applied by your bank in this country. Certain banks offer lower or even free exchange/withdrawal/transfer fees, so make sure to compare your options and find the best deal for a stay abroad.

Inform yourself of the payment method in your Erasmus destination. Do they use/accept the same type of credit cards as yours, do they use/accept contactless transactions, etc… You might find yourself surprised thinking everyone uses the same type of credit cards when in reality most countries have different ones.

Most of the time it is best to look for an international bank or online bank for stay abroad since they tend to have very flexible and inexpensive offers (Eg: Revolut)🌍

To have a good stay during your Erasmus, it is important to make sure all administrative and security matters have been seen through carefully to avoid any problematic situation. Once you’ve settled all these matters, you’ll be sure that nothing can stand in the way of your perfect Erasmus experience! And of course, the last thing you shouldn’t forget is to book your dream room through our platform!

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