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Suit Up Week is here and we mean business! Working from home can be a real challenge so check the following tips and be sure you are ready for it!

1. Let’s stay in touch!

If it’s the first time working in a remote mode you might feel less connected with your team. Make meetings when necessary-  don’t exaggerate, leave the need for chatting for some video calls with your friends!- and be clear about your tasks. Communicate well to assure you are all on the same page and avoid feeling isolated.

2. Yap, laundry can totally wait this time!

Just because you are at home make sure you don’t get lost in random household chores, like laundry, that in a normal week you would leave for the weekend or for the end of the day after work.

3. Social media “I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?”

You’ve been associating home with relaxing; this means Netflix binge-watching and some serious social media never-ending scrolling. Avoid using social media during the day, like you would do on a normal day at the office, and save yourself some precious “get stuff done” time. Accumulating tasks in such a stressful time will affect you in the short and long run.

4. “911?  I’m pretty sure my room swallowed my office!”

Suddenly your office is not a 15 mins commute in crowded public transports, now is literally 3 sleepy steps away from your bed every morning! Try to create different areas in your room by moving your furniture, tidy it up, make space, open up your windows! If possible make it whiter and brighter, since the longer you stay in your room the smaller it looks you need to make it feel more spacious and open by playing with the colors!

5. Work, Break, Shake, Repeat!

During these stressful times and period of adaptation to remote work, it’s normal that you need more than ever to take some breaks to stretch, to take a lovely walk to the kitchen, for a fresh glass of water and some well-deserved snacks! The healthier you are, and the more you care about yourself the better your performance at work will be! Also if you live close to some parks, go for a nice short stroll at the end of the day and recharge batteries!

You tried all the tips above but you still can’t stand the idea of working from your actual flat? Just move! Your noisy flatmates make your work calls a mess,  your room is far from perfect and you live far from the city center? Find yourself a new home where you can be alone but never lonely, with a  private room and perfectly located right next to parks and grocery shops. Adapt yourself to your new lifestyle and make the most of it!

If you wish to assure your privacy and comfort during these unpredictable times and join our activate international community of tenants, simply book a room here. Without needing to visit the apartment, your booking is done entirely online for your safety. All you’ll need to do is pick your favorite room – now with special rents as low as 5495 CZK– and move into your fully furnished, equipped and safe home!  Stay safe, stay home!



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