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This week we get #insidemySRF with Rita Rocha, Student Room Flat’s Hosts and Sales Manager! With the strong personality of any typical woman from the north of Portugal and keen on dry jokes, Rita always looks to the bright side in any situation! Get to know her tips to keep productivity on top even during these troubled times. The show must go on and Rita Rocha will make sure that happens!


Hi Rita! Let us know a bit more about you!

Hi there!  Ok, I suppose I can start by saying that I am from Porto, which can already tell a lot about myself and with a very peculiar accent! I’ve been working closely with digital businesses – from the very beginning, I was able to understand how important it is to have marketing, sales strategies and communication aligned, which also lead me to my current position at SRF. 


We know you are a busy bee! Share with us personal secrets to keep yourself productive at work during this quarantine!

For me, it’s extremely essential to establish a routine and have my own work schedules. I think it’s good when you set your goals at the beginning of the day so you can also be able to accomplish them. I also believe that one secret to being productive can be to find a good balance: allow yourself to have a coffee, allow yourself to take a break… and get back with full energy!


During your well-deserved free time are there any hobbies you swear by?

Well, there’s the ones I swear by like music, cooking, reading, series, comedy shows… and then there’s the one I “sweat” by like sports! I guess more than ever it’s important to have hobbies and for sure, new ones that we all find out during quarantine!


What would you like to say to the other international workers, who, like you, came to Prague to follow an international career and now find themselves closed at home and trying to adapt to a new form of work?

Even though we find ourselves in a difficult situation I feel we are still very lucky to have the opportunity to continue pursuing our careers in Prague. We adapt now to the wellbeing of us all. After, the good things in this city will still be waiting for us! 


Thank you for sharing your insights! Let’s finish with our favorite question:  What will be the first thing you’ll do as soon as all this situation is nothing more than a bad memory?

Well, after the bad memories, it will be time to create new and good ones! For sure I will just want to enjoy life outdoors!

If like Rita you wish to assure your privacy and peace of mind during these tricky times and join our active international community of tenants, simply book a room here. Without needing to visit the apartment, your booking is done entirely online for your safety. All you’ll need to do is pick your favorite room – now with special rents as low as 5495 CZK– and move into your fully furnished, equipped and safe home!  Stay safe, stay home!

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