Skyrocket your career with these 5 HR Specialist Tips!

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We know many of you are now looking for a job or simply dusting off your CV’S! Our Ask a Pro series is here to help you and as promised here are the answers for 5 of the questions you would like to ask an HR Specialist! We selected the best questions and Victoria Silva, an HR Specialist from Argentine and currently working in Madrid kindly answered them!

Should I include a picture in my CV?

There is no one right answer to this. In some countries like US or UK is nowadays illegal and is not recommended. This has been made to protect employers from discrimination based on age, race or gender. There are other ways that companies may know you and see a picture of you. We recommend you to attach a link to your Linkedin profile on your resume and is a safe and acceptable way to showcase your looks. If you do opt to include a photo on your resume, the recommended place is at the top of the page and it is important that you take time to choose a neutral image in which you show a professional appearance, preferably done on a white background.

What are the main questions I can find in a job interview that I really need to be prepared to answer? 

  • “Tell me about yourself” is probably one of the first questions asked. The intention is to introduce yourself to a professional and also on a personal level. Mention briefly about your education, experience and personal aspects that you consider are important to highlight. 
  • What are your strengths/weaknesses? Sometimes these questions can be a little scary, but don’t be afraid. Have identified your strengths can provide an opportunity to show how your skills are a perfect match for the job. Interviewers want to know what you see as your strengths and weaknesses and also observe how you respond to a challenging question. The interviewer is looking for honesty, self-awareness, and the ability to learn from mistakes.
  • Why are you looking for a professional change? Why do you consider we should hire you?These questions are intended to understand which are your main motivations for changing a job and it is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best candidate.

With the coronavirus are international companies still looking for new candidates? And what type of profiles?

Yes of course. There has been a rise in the demand for essential goods and food, so stores are probably looking to hire extra employees. In this kind of business the most common profiles will be store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and member/customer service professionals. As an example of the Logistics Industry, Amazon has planned to hire 100,000 people nationwide for full-time and part-time roles in Amazon’s delivery network and at its fulfillment centers. In the healthcare industry, companies need additional manufacturing employees to build medical ventilators. Doctors, nurses and cleaning staff are also needed in many hospitals.

What are the best websites to look for a job right now? 

Nowadays, Linkedin is the #1 platform to find jobs. Other important ones are Glassdoor or Monster.

Do you think the way job interviews are conducted will change after the coronavirus crisis? Will they be even more digital? If so, how can a candidate prepare himself/herself  for it?

Probably the way of doing assessment center or group dynamics may change to a more digital aspect, including that companies will develop virtual interview platforms that cater to their organization’s specific needs, whether that’s group interview or test administration capabilities.

In this sense, it is important that the participant faces the process naturally and show himself as he is. Applicants need to give themselves additional time before an interview to adjust to the technology, and they should consider factors such as audio settings, camera settings, and internet connection strength. They also need to consider how their body language comes across on screen, especially since being at home can lure them into a false sense of informality.


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