Why Prague is the safest city in Europe for your Erasmus+ right now?

Have a Safe Erasmus+ in Prague

The Erasmus+ program is an initiative created by many organizations and institutions that help students, teachers, and professionals of any age to embark on a journey to a European country and or any other country associated with this program. Consisting of a scholarship, the Erasmus+ initiative takes the task of providing its applicants with the minimum necessary monthly income to satisfy their basic needs so they only have to focus on studying and developing all the skills they have and free their potential, becoming a productive part of the society.

One of the most favorite countries in Europe that serve as a destination for the students of this program is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Being located at the very center of Europe, it is a perfect place to travel in any given opportunity, because it shares limits with countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, and Eslovaquia. Due to the facility of transport to any of these limiting countries, you will find it very cheap to go between places, and even beyond.

Prague also has a clear advantage over other European countries in terms of the economy; it has everything you need and at an accessible price. Although Prague is a high demanded country in tourism, it is also true that this causes the prices to inflate a bit; it is still one of the lowest-cost countries to live in Europe. Erasmus+ gives up to 900 euros monthly income to the students destined to live in Prague, due to its location and cost of rent and other things. This, combined with the possibility of renting a shared apartment, would leave you around 400 euros, giving you a wide range of acquisition possibilities.

An Amazing Reaction to COVID-19 Crisis

About the recent Covid-19 situation, the world has entered in disarray, taking the necessary precautions and measures to prevent and deal with this virus. Even though in a great part of Europe this threat has reached alarming levels, due to poor execution of preventive methods, Prague stands tall in this situation due to the reaction actions and measures taken to deal with this unprecedented pandemic state.

The results that the country reached in the struggle against the propagation of the coronavirus have taken the Czech doctors and specialists to be the first scientists in Europe that claimed to have controlled the frenzied expansion of the virus. Erasmus+ student in PragueWith a population of 10 million inhabitants, the Czech Republic has recently confirmed to have 5335 people infected at the time of the halting of the virus´s spread.

In their initial assessment, the government of the Czech Republic calculated an estimated 15.000 infected citizens, therefore, the real cases of infection are far below that number.

Even though the situation is partially controlled, the government does not stop its measure to keep the current pandemic in check. Their strategy consists of an “intelligent quarantine”, where they proceed to quarantine any suspicious citizen more effectively after three days of the confirmation of infection via test.

The “intelligent quarantine” will allow tracking and locating these people through the localization information of their cellphones and bank cards in real-time. This will help the entities to keep track of any virus-host and the people they got in contact with. The objective of this system is to determine where the infections have been more intense and proceed to establish contention actions.

In terms of face masks, the Czech Republic has made efforts to supply every community with enough face masks and medicines to fight against this pandemic situation. The government focused its efforts on procuring enough medical supplies to provide several materials to other communities and countries that lack these measures, being occupied to control the spread of the virus in their own countries.

In terms of daily life, Prague is one of the first cities in Europe that have returned to a normal lifestyle, having controlled the spreading of the virus in a large portion of the city. Any future case of the virus is more likely to be identified with ease and use the necessary preventing measures to ensure the safety of every citizen, be it foreign or local, with no distinction.

Prague is a Safe City With Quality Universities for Erasmus+ Students and Digital Nomads

The colleges at the Czech Republic and worldly renowned and prestigious. This is because of its long tradition. For example, there is the University of Carolina, one of the most prestigious ones in Europe, being their teaching of science and medicine very notorious. Every year there is an average of 40.000 foreign students that go to the Czech Republic. Due to its infrastructure and methodologies that are designed for students coming from another country, these universities are very friendly to students from any country.

Erasmus+ students in PragueEven if you already started a career at the university of your country of origin, the universities of Prague offer a system where you can validate all your previously approved subjects and continue exactly from where you left off, with the possibility of adding any new subject to your study career.

The many activities, besides studying, offered in Prague are nearly infinite. You have a wide array of options at your hands to ensure the best time for you. From bars to disco locals, the amount of fun and social interactivity you will get is a lot, depending on your disposition and social skills, not forgetting to visit its green areas and famous monuments.

A Safe Choice For Your Stay Abroad During Your Erasmus+

After the previously mentioned facts, it’s easy to know with certainty why  Prague is a great destination for any student who reaches for the best education and quality of life during his scholarship with Erasmus+. Even though the present pandemic situation threatens to prevent the world from having a normal way of living again, the city of Prague offers you an experience that almost simulates the normal daily life before the spread of the virus. Don’t even doubt to choose the city of Prague if you are selected to join the Erasmus+ program, get to know your new city, and be welcomed to a new life of wonders.

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