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Everything You Need to Know About the Erasmus+ Programme

The idea of living abroad during one semester or a full year sounds exciting and at the same time might be scary, but don’t stress it! Our Erasmus+ Guide is here to make it easy for you! 

Who This Erasmus+ Guide Is For?

This complete Erasmus+ Guide is precisely for all the international students and trainees thinking about living a memorable Erasmus+ adventure abroad!

What you will find on this Erasmus+ Guide?

  • In depth info about this revolutionary international program
  • Tips for a successful Erasmus+ scholarship application
  • Dos and don’ts while living abroad during your Erasmus+ experience
  • Tips to find the safest and most affordable accommodation abroad
  • Testimonials from previous Erasmus+ international students and trainees

1st Chapter

What is Erasmus+ ?

2nd Chapter

The Pros and Cons of Going on Erasmus+

3rd Chapter

5 things Before Going on Erasmus+

4th Chapter

Erasmus Accommodation Abroad

5t Chapter

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1st Chapter

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Chapter 1

What is Erasmus+ ?

What is Erasmus+ and Why You Should Know About It?​

Erasmus+ is a scholarship program created by the European Union, Erasmus+ supports associations, projects, initiatives and activities related to formation, education, and sports for the youth aspirants.

This is a program that has been operated since 2014, offering a plethora of opportunities and financial support for students and professionals pursuing to continue their studies. This project benefits European countries and many other countries of the world associated with this initiative. 

Erasmus+ project considerably increases the EU financial support to the development of competition and knowledge, reflecting the importance of the formation and education of the student’s residents of the UE and associated countries, and their respective national policies. Its main objective is to increase the job prospect of the citizens. The Erasmus+ program is based on the success and experience of previous existing projects, with greater repercussions. Investing in education and formation is a key factor in unlocking people´s potential, independently of their age and place of origin.

Its main objective is to increase the aspirers’ skills, competence, and quality of learning. A big part of that financing is used to help more than 4 million people to work, study, or even begin an initiative of voluntary work abroad. These opportunities range from a couple of days to even a year.

Open for students, apprentices and professionals of all ages, the Erasmus+ initiative not only offers them the opportunity to live abroad for a year, but gives them the monetary support that will help the selected candidate to afford the necessary elements of an average self-care, such as food, rent, and transport, among other benefits that are the main objective of Erasmus+. Working in parallel with many organizations, this funding adapts to the country of destination.

This program is an excellent opportunity for those students or professionals in any area to enhance their knowledge and skills in their desired area of expertise. When moving to another country that participates in this initiative, the scholarship offers them the financial support to acquire the minimum to moderate-income every month to provide themselves with their basic needs of commodity and a balanced diet, needed to perform their numerous tasks.

Among the people eligible to opt for this program, the people who can benefit from it are:

  • Superior school and professional graduates that wish to continue their studies and acquire work opportunities abroad, going from Europe to another country or going from another country to Europe, as long as it is in the college area.
  • High-school students that wish to enjoy a study opportunity abroad.
  • Teachers, masters, and administration professionals who wish to teach their subjects, expand their knowledge and acquire new skills, as well as sharing them; all of this with the opportunity to do it inside a European Country.
  • Institutions and organizations that want to provide their skills and knowledge in order to cooperate and spread good morals and customs.
  • Any entity that desires to add to the never-ending expansion of political and education reforms and morals.

Objectives of Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ initiative has a clear goal in the area of education and professional formation, following these premises:

  • Improve the quality, innovation, and excellence of education internationally, cooperating with many foreign entities to adjust the most optimal way to form aspirant with the best educational program and, at the same time, provide a standard quality of life.
  • Further optimization of the learning of many languages, to close the gap between countries and spread language diversity, regardless of their country of origin.
  • Promote the existence of collective conscience of a permanent European study space, helping to improve the national policies of formation and education laws, enhancing the optimal use of tools of transparency and recognition of the European Union, while spreading good manners and customs.
  • Provide an efficient international education and formation, with cooperation between programs and institutions of the countries aligned with this program. With the successful implementation of these programs, the attractive value of these European institutions will rise and get any needed support from the European Union, including its developing objectives through the promotion and cooperation in mobility between programs of the associated countries, which are part of this program.

How to be part of Erasmus+

The target community of Erasmus+ ranges from professionals, teachers, and young people (consisting of students, alumni, apprentices, volunteers, etc.). These people can reach this program through organizations, organisms, and institutions that specialize in their area of study or expertise.

Depending on the country you are destined to go once you’re in the program, you will perceive a monthly income based on the destination country and, depending on the geographical location and distance from the EU, your scholarship income will vary in many ways. This financial support works as a long term loan to the student or professional going abroad to finalize or expand their studies and obtain better and more suitable jobs in their area.

If you are always in pursuit of new horizons and the acquisition of greater knowledge and expertise, let alone the opportunity to opt for a better job related to your knowledge and skills, this is your chance! Europe is an intriguing continent where you can increase your potential, expand your skills, and even create new habits and customs. This program is the perfect opportunity to ensure your success in life, both financially and humanly.

After getting to know the ins and outs of this initiative, the motivation for enlisting on this scholarship gives you the promise of a constant flow of new experiences. The opportunity to travel and get to know many countries besides your own, and to be an essential part of the community that grows even more with great moral and human customs, turning you into an icon for expansion and development of skills and human quality.

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Chapter 2

The Pros and Cons of Going on Erasmus+

Get to know Erasmus+ ups and downs!

Erasmus+ is a scholarship initiative that promotes the study and specialization of many areas across the European Continent and from any country associated with this program. 

This is also a great opportunity given to the youth, students, and even professionals to enrich their knowledge and skills in order to expand their academic and professional environment. To most students, an Erasmus scholarship often means the acquisition of the key to their future, giving them a wide array of possibilities, opportunities to travel and know other countries and cultures.

Surely, most of you who are reading this article are eager to get your Erasmus+ scholarships, be selected, and enjoy its privileges and long-term commitment to give you the knowledge and skills you are looking forward to obtaining or improving. Because of this, before jumping into this academic dream, we will give you a detailed list of many advantages and some disadvantages of opting for this initiative. Hoping that this will help you study your choices and get the most out of this initiative, these are the following pros and cons.


Pros of Going on Erasmus+

  • The first and foremost important advantage of this program is the opening and expansion for the student or professional, this means to get to live in another country and know their culture and way of living, giving you a more mature perspective of life. Being able to live abroad while performing your academic studies and further improve your knowledge, skills, and morals, you will be able to get a different and more expanded point of view of your own origin country and the rest of the world.
  • European countries are rich in terms of languages; you will be able to perfect your English while abroad, adopt the native language of the country you are, and, if you put your effort into it, learn many other European languages, such as French, German, Portuguese, etc. You will not only get the skills and knowledge you are pursuing but also, at the same time, you will do so in a wide variety of languages that will give you a better insight into your professional area from many sources, not being limited by your native language.
  • Living by yourself in a different country, you will be prone to develop a faster and better independence process; since you spend the Erasmus+ scholarship living abroad by yourself, you will develop many responsibilities of your own and obtain a mature perspective of your daily routine and self-care. After you finish the Erasmus+ program, you will immediately be released to live on your own and work inside a European country. Since your parents won’t be there all the time to help you, you will be able to take care of yourself in a foreign environment, thanks to what you learned during the program, becoming an enriching experience for the student.
  • Getting to study at a foreign college, being European in this case, your skills and capabilities will be constantly put into test, allowing you to show what you are made of and prove that you do not only deserve the benefits of the Erasmus+ initiative but that you will get the most of it, both academically and morally.
  • A most common scenario you will encounter while studying abroad is that, besides from getting to know a lot of students resident of that country, you also get to meet a lot of students coming from many different countries, enriching your experience since you will be sharing culture and customs constantly while forming everlasting bonds with them.
  • Just the fact of living in another country will give you a boost of learning potential. While you adapt to the country`s culture, language, and customs, you will develop a learning skill that will help you during your classes and then improve any skill you acquire during your time studying abroad.

Cons of Going on Erasmus+

  • Being a scholarship, the organization and institutions that offer the Erasmus+ program to a chosen student or professional give them a monthly income that will depend on the country of destination. Since this is done to help the student to cover his basic needs, the cost of living abroad is considerably high, often becoming more of a problem than a benefit. In some instances, the monthly income given by Erasmus+ takes longer than expected to arrive, so in many cases, the students or their families will have to make an effort to help them afford the commodities and needs of the students to complete the study program.
  • While being a benefit, the possibility of learning a new language while studying abroad, the student will not get the complete knowledge and mastery of that language the moment you arrive. More often than not, the student will struggle in his first weeks to adapt, understand, and get the basic knowledge of the language, causing the possibility of dragging his studies and get bad grades midterm. Not every person has the same learning speed and habits to learn new languages quickly.
  • Since the student will live around a year or so in a new country, the thirst for discovery will be always active, meaning that the student will get to know many foreign people, fellow students from other areas, and, of course, get to know the customs and fun activities. The students have the right to relax and enjoy an occasional party while studying abroad but there is the possibility that the party life wraps them and affects their grades and studies. Every excessive activity is bad, whether it is studies or parties. This possible scenario can waste an excellent scholarship opportunity like Erasmus+.

As previously described, the pros far exceed the cons in every possible topic, such as the social and academic impact on the students, as well as the economical part of the program. With these pros and cons into consideration, you should be able to plan a proper study strategy that will get the most out of this opportunity to become a member of the European community of students and professionals. 

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Chapter 3

5 things before going on Erasmus+

What I wished someone told me before going on Erasmus+

As a college student I always strived to expand my knowledge and skills in any way possible, whether by acquiring a new job or trying many trades.

 I heard about the Erasmus+ program that allows students and professionals to live abroad in order to enhance and develop their knowledge and skills, with the plus of living in a European country, getting to experience new cultures and customs. I opted for the program and, after a selection process, I got the scholarship to go to Europe, live in Porto, Portugal. As I expected, the experience was not easy; I struggled a lot with adapting to this new environment, customs, and most importantly, the language.

I really wish someone had given me some guidance or pointers before embarking on this program. Though it is a great opportunity to become a better professional, with skills of many trades, you don’t want to begin with the wrong foot and take the proper steps to make your initial immersion on this initiative. After experiencing the complete program, I can confidently identify what are the preventive steps I wish I had when I moved to a foreign European country.

  • When you get your destination laid to you, you should begin to properly investigate any important information available from trusted sources. For example, you need to document yourself about any vaccine you need to get, what are the rules or customs of the citizens. Another important detail is the current season abroad, helping you to get prepared to confront any climate change.

You also need to study the economy of the destination country and plan for any vital investment or purchase for food economically and intelligently. Your monthly income provided by the program won´t be enough to procure your basic needs very often.

  • When you get to your country of destination, the first thing you must get done is to get the room where you are going to live from thereon. The Erasmus+ program has a covenant with many Student Room Flats; these are building complexes that offer many accommodations for the students that come from abroad. You need to plan where you are going to stay; this Student Room Flat service offers a plethora of options for booking, access, and budget planning to satisfy any need. Since this is a very renowned company; it has a lot of advantages for students of any age and income.

And being an Erasmus+ ally, this service is also an ally for you, giving a wide range of booking and reservation options. If for example you booked a room for a term and by chance, you can´t go, due to Covid-19 for example, there is a 100% cancelation option so you don’t lose your investment. This is just one of the many benefits provided by the Student Room Flat.

  • You can opt to a private room, depending on whether you can afford it or not, giving you the privacy, security, and controlled environment you need. Prevent any communication and contact with any stranger that you may feel uncomfortable with. The facilities are often located near the colleges that you will go, so transportation won´t be an issue. These complexes also offer you access to nearby markets, transportation routes, and sites that satisfy your basic needs.

On the other side, you can choose to get a shared room, being an ample room with enough space so you and your room-partner won´t have trouble sharing the room. This way you can ensure a friendship, and even form a bond with your companion. If both of you study in the same field of expertise, then it is a bonus, because you will be able to study together in the same room.

  • Another advantage of this Student Room Flat service is that being part of it makes you a member of the always increasing community of Erasmus+ students and professionals. This community is the perfect place to answer any doubt or inquiry that you may have about any topic or subject. If you are afraid of being alone in another country, you can stay calm knowing because there are a lot of people that took the same opportunity you did, this means being by themselves in a foreign country. This is a situation where you can complement your fellow students and rise above the fear all of you may have of being alone in this unknown environment.
  • Before going to another country, make sure to take some time to get the basic knowledge about its language. This will give you a head start in dealing with the first weeks of adaptation to your new home, like its customs, culture, and way of living. Try to make the best of your tools to provide you with easy access to any translator, GPS, lay of the city, etc. Make sure to make quick acquaintances, they will ease the burden of being alone in an unknown city, giving you tips, points of interest and even give you safe and optimal routes from your room to any complex you need to go.

Having minimal social skills, in conjunction with the basic language knowledge, will get you very far in adapting yourself to your new home country. You never know when a new friend will give you that extra help you may need.

In my Erasmus+ experience going to live in Portugal, I had a very hard time adapting to the new place, people, and layouts; I also didn’t have the basic knowledge of Portuguese to help me get around. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with the excitement of being selected to participate in the Erasmus program, excitement enough to make you forget the basic preparations you may need to make the best out of your adventure abroad. I can confidently say now that with these 5 things I wish I was told before embarking on Erasmus+, anyone will have an easier grasp on their new experience abroad.


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Chapter 4

Erasmus Accommodation Abroad

As a college student I always strived to expand my knowledge and skills in any way possible, whether by acquiring a new job or trying many trades.

Erasmus City Locations

Student Accommodation

COVID-19 Flexibilní zrušení rezervace

Vaše zdraví a spokojenost jsou a vždy budou naší hlavní prioritou!

Proto jsme vzhledem k nejistotě vyvolané krizí Covid-19 aktualizovali zásady pro zrušení rezervace, abychom našim uživatelům umožnili větší flexibilitu a možnost rezervovat naprosto bez rizika. 

Buď si jistý/a, že:

– pokud univerzita, na které jsi měl/a studovat, nebo společnost, pro kterou jsi měl/a v plánu pracovat v následujících měsících, zruší studijní program nebo stáž z důvodu krize Covid-19,

– pokud ti zákaz cestování nedovolí dorazit do cílové země: Kryjeme ti záda a rezervační poplatky ti budou vráceny v plné výši kdykoliv ti COVID-19 překazí plány! 

Naplánuj své budoucí dobrodružství, zarezervuj bezpečně už teď a tvůj vysněný pokoj na tebe bude čekat.

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