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Locked in Prague offers a 20 % discount to all tenants of Coskhouse/Student Room Flat for any of our escape games!

Have you ever tried an escape game? Do you want to experience a fun time with your friends? Then we have a great deal for you – Locked in Prague is offering a 20% discount to all tenants of Coskhouse for any of our escape games!

Locked in Prague is a company that runs two escape games (Operation Anthropoid and Insomnia) in the location of Prague 3 and is one of the best ranked “escape games companies” on tripadvisor.

What is an escape game?

Escape game is an active way of spending your free time. You have use logic, teamwork and enthusiasm to solve the story hidden in the background and escape the room in a 60-minute time limit.

Do you want to know more about the games?


Operation Anthropoid

Operation Anthropoid takes place on the 27th of May 1942, and your goal is to search the flat of Pavel Nový in a 60-minute time limit uncovering many clues, locks, and puzzles with the purpose of finding a secret he is hiding inside before the Gestapo can get there.



Insomnia will make you question whether you are experiencing just a bad dream, or if you can actually hear these voices… You will have to figure out if it is just in your imagination or whether has the world lost its balance? Is it a dream or reality? But one thing is certain, it’s Insomnia…


Do you want to feel the atmosphere of games? Check their videos introducing  both games.

How to book a game?

Make a reservation via the website and use the promotion code “Coskhouse” and you get your 20% discount.


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