Everything you need to know about mid-term rentals

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Mid-term rentals have been growing and prove to be a safe and profitable model even during troubled times. Nowadays, there is a bigger demand on the market for longer stays and this trend came to stay.

Do you wonder who is really in the market for mid-term and what exactly it means? If you are looking to revolutionize your accommodation business model, take a look in detail and find out how you can take the best advantage of mid-term housing.


Let’s start from the beginning! What is mid-term?

Mid-term rentals have a length of stays between 1 and 12 months. This rental model is destined to people looking for longer accommodation experiences and, normally, the cost of stay is monthly charged with fixed rates. Fully furnished properties with all charges included in the price are the best fit for people living or working in the area for a considerable long period.


Growing Trend

Do you want to take a look at some facts about mid-term accommodation? We imagined, let’s go for it!

Recent data shows the acceleration of mid-term all around Europe. The pandemic came to reinforce the strength of longer period accommodations, who always has a strong demand and has been growing fast.

Online booking platforms with focus on this business model saw their occupancy rate growing in key european cities and, in the other hand, short term has been fighting to stay alive and adapt to this reality.


How in fact can I find clients for mid-term rentals? 

Student Housing

When it comes to Student Housing , medium accommodation is the perfect fit! There are large niches of students always moving from periods around 6 months and looking for fully furnished properties and to take advantage of this business model.

Student Room Flat has been answering to a strong demand in the market for 14 years and providing quality accommodation & safety to students from all over the world.



Mid-term is a vast and opened model, capable of being a good fit for different audiences. Co-Living has been growing as fast as this model and they seem to put their strength together to offer the best solution to a growing audience: digital nomads.

Digital nomads are willing to relocate and look for trustful partners to provide them quality co-living accommodation. More than a fully furnished property they look to meet people to share this lifestyle and experience.

The benefits can be immense and the good news is that the maintenance costs tend to be lower. Study the market and give it a try!

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