International Women’s Day: Make Room for All!

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International Women’s Day reminds us all of how important equality is. Take a look at real stories and get inspired by them!

For International Women’s Day 2021, Student Room Flat wants to make room for all by sharing cases of success. Above all, is important to take time to celebrate them and to inspire the youngest communities of female students from all around the world.

Our guests have careers in the Student Housing industry and are a representation of Women in Leadership. Take a look at it and get inspired by their stories!

Sara, Sales Manager from Barcelona

A successful Sales Manager & decoration planner! She believes that being emphatic and flexible can make a difference in this industry.
For Sara, with hard work and big dreams you can get anywhere!

Kateřina, Hotel Manager from Brno

A successful story of someone that never says no to a challenge! Actually, that is exactly the words that Kateřina wants to address: “Do not hesitate if you want to step out from your shadow and comfort zone. It’s definitely worth it!”.

Lorena, Hotel Manager from Valencia

With years of experience in the field, Lorena works as Hotel Manager. For her is important to look at the future with an equal look. Moreover, is essential to build a future with gender equality in which everyone develops fully.

Sarka, Sales Manager from Prague

Sarka believes that when an opportunity comes up is worth it to take it –  to communicate, bo build a network to innovate. Without a doubt, in the end, the practice can teach valuable lessons.

On a day to celebrate equality the message is clear for Sarka: “love your life, love yourself, and treat yourself the best.”

On a day to celebrate achievements and gender equality, is also important to take time to plan and dream about the future. Get inspired by Student Room Flat stories from Women in leadership. Let’s make room for all!

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