Student Housing: boost the bookings of your property!

The student housing market is constantly changing and it is essential to move along. Student Room Flat has spoken with some experts in the market to gather valuable tips on rentals for you! 

Take a look at the best tips to grow and boost the bookings of your property

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Online Booking Platform

Either you own a property, manage a student residence, or a property management company this article is for you! You have your properties ready to rent but it is missing an extra help to book the rooms? An online booking platform might be the answer to fulfill your needs… and properties!

Advertise online can have several advantages and help you to boost bookings of your property. First of all, it will work as a marketing channel that will give extra visibility to your properties with no effort. Secondly, it will open the doors so you can advertise them to big audiences of students looking for accommodation. That’s right, using an online booking platform can also be a huge help to target the audience that you have been aiming to reach.
Are not familiar with it? Don’t worry, take a look at the testimonial of some of our partners and discover their experience in the first person!

Investing in the property means investing in your rentals

Nothing books more than quality accommodation and that’s why companies and owners invest more and more in the design, in the comfort that, later on, will sell a lifestyle. It is not always simple to find the right recipe to make a profit out of your investment. Although, you can skip the research! Luckily, during 14 years of experience in student rentals, we have gathered some tricks and we can reveal what the students are looking for in a property!

  • Find the right pricing with all utilities included: make sure you are aligned with the market; include all utilities in the monthly rent at the same time you get yourself a good deal!
  • Generous common areas: students like to share their experiences! If you wonder if you should invest in the common areas the answer is yes. When it comes to making the final decision, the social potential will have weight.
  • Offer a good general service: when we speak to a client that wants to move abroad, they will go to the property that will offer the most complete service – bedrooms features and accessories, kitchen appliances, and cleaning.
  • Fast internet connection is crucial for students. Don’t be afraid to invest in a good supplier!

Community & Partners

The property is crucial as it is the community. Imagining their Erasmus experience is part of the booking process and when it is time to keep all factors in mind the community will be essential.

Besides raising the probability of reservation it will also assure the satisfaction of the client later on. The creation of events and activities is an effort more than worth it, and both individual owners & companies consider it extremely important, especially for such a “young audience”, as it says one of our partners working in property management.

You agree but still missing ideas to put it into practice? Take a look at some tips!

  • Online workshops and sports classes
  • Enjoy the sunset for a barbecue, students love to socialize!
  • Promote and organize movie nights
  • Develop partnerships in local attractions of the city or with the most famous restaurants!

The ideas can be endless… and working with a partner on student housing that will support you in the community & partnerships can answer this need!

Student Housing boost the bookings of your property!

Property Management Support

Customer support reveals to be an important area even before the booking is made. At the time of the consideration, young audiences want to make sure that they will find support while being abroad.

Either they need assistance with the property or with equipment to be fixed, they want to see issues solved as fast as possible. In case you don’t have proper property management & support developed, might be time to think about it.

Guarantee from the first moment easy and fast solutions and you will see the reservation requests coming naturally!


By last but not less important, let’s take the time to speak about the importance of testimonials. It is a mistake to assume that the customer journey has ended after the booking is made! All topics above are connected in order to provide a satisfactory stay and experience which could bring new requests naturally.

First of all, the collection of testimonials will allow prospect clients to take a look at other’s people experiences as it will generate a natural flow of recommendations. Offer a good experience, relax and enjoy bookings of your property!

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Student housing can be the answer to rent your properties and we have the tips to boost it! Take a look at Student Room Flat Community Interviews and discover more about our partners!

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