Mid-Term Rentals: In conversation with experts!

Are you the type of person that might stay hours, passionately, speaking about mid-term rentals & property management? This article is for you!

Student Room Flat went into the conversation with experts on student housing in Valencia! Take a look at 5 companies operating in the student housing market and discover real business stories from real people!

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Real estate & bookings 

Mirella, Commercial and Logistics Manager, Real Estate Company 

Our first stop shows us how powerful can be the cooperation between real estate & booking platforms! Student Room Flat went around Valencia and we can tell you the properties match with the city – fresh and full of energy! Just right for students!

But first things first. To understand the growth of the company is important to know its history. The business has started with 8 flats and has expanded to 20 apartments nowadays. Initially, the business was planned for the short term. Although, the need for a safer and profitable rental model made them go in the direction of mid-term stays.

With the management of the properties set up, the bookings become a priority. In that sense, Mirella, manager of the properties, shares that:

“Using an online platform increase the number of reservation and also it is a great ad for your business”.

With clients from all over the world, they end up bounding and home is their first social network. One thing is certain: they may have different origins but there is a special request in common. Community & events to connect are a must to have a memorable experience. “In particular for a young audience” this is essential, Mirella has told.

Check-Out Properties: Poeta Apartment 

A successful case study of mid-term rentals 

Ruben, Flat Manager, Property Management Company 

Here we go to the second stop of this article: give a second life to your properties!

Ruben is a business development and represents the success of a mid-term business model. When investing & renovating buildings is important to have a plan in mind. Ask yourself who are your future clients. Which needs do you need to satisfy and last but not least, plan a profitable rental model.

Let’s go in detail through the path of the company. They invest and renovate buildings but not only. Property Management is also part of their expertise and the plan is to expand in this field.

With the building renovated and in a good state, everything seems ready to rent! In this sense, the collaboration with booking platforms saves them time.

Furthermore, it is “easier for properties to get more bookings”, Ruben has explained.

The pandemic asked for a business reorganization, they say:  “looking at the past, it was necessary a readaptation of strategies and also prices. Even though the situation has been hard as soon as their prices were decreased the demand was visible.” With a readaptation, mid-term proved to be safe and profitable, ensuring a current occupancy rate of 95%.


Check-out Properties: Irene 3 C

The seaside project you need to know about!

Lorena, Hotel Director

The third stop is at the seaside! We bring you the new project that you need to know about. One lesson we can take from this case study: the location and the amenities can define the rental model!

Based in Valencia, they count with more than 450 rooms, fully equipped and ready to offer comfort.

The concept is about providing more than accommodation. Offer a calm and joyful lifestyle is the main goal.

The building features 9 floors with a swimming pool, study and cinema living areas, coffee corners, a co-working space, and a rooftop to catch the sunsets. The concept is ready, it is time to sell it!

“The use of bookings platforms allows the user to quickly compare the entire accommodation offer on the market, as well as the immediacy and the possibility of doing so at any time of the day, as well as being able to consult the opinions of other guests.” Lorena, highlights.

Of course that the current situation demands a new look into the accommodation business.

“One of the important changes in the flexibility in the cancellation conditions. A change has also been observed in the advance deadlines for reservations. Such a changing scenario has also brought a lot of uncertainty in student mobility”, Lorena adds.

To keep the success of the business is important to engage with the clients and be community-wise. That is clear for the Hotel Manager!

“The development of programs aimed at the integration of students, especially foreigners, is essential.”, she says.

Valencia is a  dream destination and Patacona makes the tenant’s dream even more! Make your future clients dream not only about the location but also about a place to call home!

Check-Out Properties: Resa Patacona

 The power of quality accommodation and booking platform as a marketing tool

Laura, Director, Student Residence 

Laura works as director of a big student residence in Valencia and that was our fourth stop: the student housing market!

The first selling point is the location. The building is part of campus and that’s that exact product the students might look for! Now, let’s take a look inside… The residence is designed to be more than a place to live. From one side the studios are modern and functional to offer privacy. On the other, the living areas are meant to be shared and to promote community development.

It seems like Secret number 1 is revealed: community events and strong partnerships make the property way more valuable!

” Part of the success of our business is creating a community based on all these strategies”, Laura highlights.

And here we go for the secret number 2: advertisement of the product. To sell a quality product, promotion and marketing need to be at the same level. That is where the accommodation business and online booking platform make a strong team!

 “Using an online booking platform as a partner contributes to having more participation in the market and therefore to be able to attract more customers”, Laura says.

Check-out Properties: Damia Bonet Residence Hall

Good property management, strong properties? Yes!

Alex, Property Management Company 

We continue our tour. It is time to meet Alex, who represents an international property management company specializing in student housing.

With brand-new renovated properties, the feeling of home is not hard to get! They have renovated several flats across Europe and the results are good in different markets. The goal of building modern and profitable properties is achieved!

There are a few ingredients to achieve their success. Firstly, the location, near to the main universities in different cities, is a big advantage. Secondly, good property management, strong properties! Assuring the quality is a key and their apartments sell out comfort and happiness.

Let’s jump to the question that you have in your mind! How does an international company achieve a high occupancy rate?  By working with online booking platforms that assure easy and online bookings!

In order to offer to the students a full service, the natural move is to grow in the direction of community management. When it comes to international students, they look for quality, trustworthy reservation processes, and a community experience!

To sum up, take good care of your properties, assure a strong location for students.  Their happiness will increase the revenues of your properties!

Check-out Properties: Actor Llorens Street 

Mid-term rentals have been a good profit source for different types of businesses – property management, investors, real estate, and student housing. We have gathered 5 essential tips while meeting with our partners. Either you are an individual owner or you are in the rental business, they can help you!

  • the use of an online booking platform was recognized as an important advertising tool, not only to bring more awareness into the market but also to bring bookings;
  • design your property according to the needs of your targets;
  • having community events and partnerships or work with a partner that provides it, will make your tenants happier and increase the chances of extending their stays;
  • great locations generate great bookings: study well the market and be the answer to the client’s needs;
  • invest in online marketing and advertising – the online voice was never so strong!

In conclusion, either you are planning and working on student housing rentals, the advantages are many, and mid-term rentals might be the profit you have been looking for!

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