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Updated 2022

Build a career abroad by daring to intern outside of your country! Become an international talent and develop your CV in some of the biggest European business hubs!

Discover How To Do Your Internship Abroad

Going for an internship abroad does not have to be complicated! With this in-depth guide about internships abroad we’ll help you launch your international in no time. 

What you'll find in this Guide for Internships Abroad

  • Tips for a successful internship abroad application
  • Best Cities for an Internship Abroad
  • Openings for Internships abroad
  • The most affordable accommodation abroad
  • Testimonials from other Erasmus+ interns abroad

1st Chapter

What Is An Internship Abroad & How Do I Get It?

2nd Chapter

Benefits of Doing An Internship Abroad​

3rd Chapter

5 Companies That Are Now Looking For Interns (Hiring)

4th Chapter

Top 5 Best Countries For An Internship Abroad

5t Chapter

Accommodation for Interns Abroad

6th Chapter

Are Internships Abroad Paid?​

Chapter 1

What Is An Internship Abroad & How Do I Get It?

Looking for an Internship Abroad

Going abroad for internships provides a valuable opportunity to gain professional insight, experience, and practical skills.

Traveling to European countries and experiencing diverse cultures is a great way to grow and learn while getting some working experience that makes an attractive addition to your resume.

You can further immerse yourself in foreign cultures by staying at shared student accommodations with people from all over the world. Student-Room-Flat is an authoritative service, providing vetted, safe places to stay for those traveling abroad for internships.

What Is An Internship Abroad?

An internship abroad is a great way to gain professional experience in an industry you want to work in before entering the chosen field of your career.

Taking an internship abroad often provides employment opportunities, either in an open position from the provider or through an enhanced resume.

An internship abroad also provides you with valuable insight into the work culture of the country you have chosen.

An intern abroad can be structured in multiple ways just like a study abroad program and make students eligible for credit and live amongst other students in a new culture for the duration of the program.

Interning abroad is specifically designed to let you apply your knowledge and skills to real-world applications, expand your network and make connections with people around the world.

Once you complete your internship, you have a much better sense of the culture, ethics, and values expected of employees in the country.

Getting an Internship Abroad

Once you know what an internship abroad is like, you can proceed to choose your industry or career field. You should search the internships on the basis of your major and the job you want to do in the future. Also, narrow down the region you want to intern in.

Internships are available in countries around the world; consider what countries you can go to and how long each of them allows you to stay.

Applying for an internship abroad requires some preparation. It starts with a well-crafted cover letter and resume. To improve your chances of getting selected, highlight skills and knowledge applicable to studying abroad.

Next, use your connections to find internships in the country of your interest. Bring together all the documentation for your application including a letter of recommendation and transcript.

Unlike a national application, you need to tailor your cover letter and resume to the standards of the country you want to intern abroad in. You should consider applying for more than one internship to have enough options.

Once you get selected for an interview, you can use your experience, knowledge, and skills to impress the employer and get your dream internship abroad.

So, an internship abroad not only makes for an immersive experience but also provides great incentives like new friends, language and culture exposure, and the ability to market yourself better.

Companies are always on the lookout for candidates who have distinguished themselves with something like international training. An internship abroad doesn’t just put you a step forward on the corporate market but also turns out to be a fun and fulfilling experience.

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Chapter 2

Benefits of Doing An Internship Abroad

Gain An International Work Experience

In today’s competitive landscape, having international work experience in your resume is one of the best things for your prospective career. However, interning abroad is much more than just professional exposure.

When you choose to do an internship abroad, you are challenged to leave the comfort zone of your home but the rewards of the adaptation will be all worth it.

Here are some benefits you can expect when you take an internship abroad.

Having experience working abroad sets your resume apart from others. It is something employers would be impressed to see, improving your chances of getting your dream job.

Apart from the expertise in your area, an internship abroad exposes you to a set of cultural challenges that teach you the work culture of a different country and its values.

Working with people from different backgrounds will help you develop an ability to adapt and become accepting and tolerant towards others.

Network On A Global Scale

Interning in a country abroad gives you an amazing opportunity to build an international community of mentors and colleagues you can turn to in the future.

Such a global network of peers allows developing your skillset and knowledge as different places have new ways of handling problems.

You also get the benefit of traveling and discovering new places with friends spread around the world.

Develop Communication Skills Rapidly

Though crucial for a smooth transition to the workplace, soft skills are often not included in university training.

By participating in an internship abroad, you get the chance to improve your ability to communicate confidently with your colleagues on an everyday basis.

An internship in a foreign country is a great way to develop the communication skills often lacking in new graduates. Staying at shared flats and student accommodations with services such as Student-Room-Flat can further enhance your assimilation to foreign cultures.

A Complete Language Immersion

Interning abroad is a fantastic way to learn a second language. If you are trying to develop some language skills, there is no better way to elevate your comprehension.

An internship abroad gives you a chance to immerse yourself fully into a local culture where you speak the new language every day and become fluent in it in a short time.

Learning a second language is an asset that employers value a lot today; it might become something that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Better Future Career Prospects

The ability to collaborate with people from different parts of the world is a requirement that most multinational companies have for their employees. With an internship abroad, you can show your potential employers that you already possess experience working in an international environment.

You might also get a recommendation letter that helps a lot when looking for a rewarding job. If you are lucky enough, you might receive a job offer from the internship provider itself.

An internship abroad has several benefits including the opportunity to experience new work environments, cultures, and places. It can be a valuable asset to your professional background and help you develop a global outlook that sets you apart from the competition.

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Chapter 3

5 Companies That Are Now Looking For Interns (Hiring)

How to find a company to intern abroad?

Interning in another country provides a host of benefits for your personal and professional life. You get an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and lifestyle while gaining valuable work experience and making global connections.

Interning abroad is an excellent way to boost your resume, stand out from others and improve your chances of getting your dream job in the desired field.

Here are the top companies you can consider taking an internship with.

1. Accenture

Operating in 120 countries with 4000 companies, Accenture is engaged in offering end-to-end solutions through interconnected businesses in strategy, consulting, technology and operations. They are also popularly known for their capabilities in cloud and security services.

Interns get an opportunity to work in a variety of careers across locations in Europe including some of the most desirable countries like Poland, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Working with Accenture gives you access to technology leaders who are ready to mentor future innovators in the industry.

2. Unilever

A leading consumer company specializing in personal care, food, beverage, and cleaning products, Unilever offers a vast array of internship opportunities abroad. It is an excellent choice for those who want to intern in finance, marketing, or IT. Unilever welcomes interns for a 5-6 month paid program for bachelor and master’s students across locations in Europe. 

An internship with this company is a long-term commitment and an ideal way to enter the international business landscape for lucrative future prospects.

3. BP

The best choice for those who want to build a career in physical sciences, BP is a leader in the international oil and gas industry and has been moving forward with a focus on sustainability. The company offers a plethora of internship opportunities in the fields of science, business, and engineering for graduate and Ph.D. students.

You can apply for a paid internship across locations and roles through a process that consists of online application and interview rounds. While the duration of the internship varies by country, most of them are about 12 weeks long.  

4. Cisco Systems

A world leader in IT and networking, Cisco Systems specializes in IoT, cybersecurity, and technology solutions. It employs about 80,000 employees globally and offers a lot of opportunities to students through internships and apprenticeships. You can find an internship option in your area of education and interest in some of the best locations in Europe.

Cisco Systems invites applications for internships in engineering, sales, operations, finance, supply chain, marketing, human resources, and other fields to give you international work experience and exposure.

5. Intel

Intel Corporation is a technology giant that hires students and graduates from around the world. The brand is known for its innovation in hardware and software and has a presence in about 45 countries. It employs more than 110,000 people worldwide including international interns across areas like finance, marketing, engineering, sales, IT, human resources, and more.

You can easily apply for an internship at Intel in Poland and other European countries to get a chance to experience a truly international work culture.

These are some of the top companies offering internships abroad. Though getting an internship seems to be a daunting task, it only takes a bit of research and effort to find a position that perfectly suits your goals.

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Chapter 4

Top 5 Best Countries For An Internship Abroad

Where to do an internship abroad?

An internship abroad is an excellent opportunity to boost your resume and acquire international work experience while exploring new places and cultures.

However, interning abroad is something most people are not familiar with, so there is a lot to consider. One of the first decisions is to pick a destination that matches your goals and expectations the best.

Here are the top five best cities and countries that make for great internship destinations.

1. Porto, Portugal

This vibrant Portuguese city boasts a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that attracts a large number of international students every year.

Taking an internship in Porto not only gives access to some of the most lucrative opportunities but also lets you explore a place rich in history and natural beauty.

Another reason to choose Porto for your internship is the easy availability of accommodation. During your stay in Portugal, finding cheap housing is not difficult as there are so many affordable options available.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the hottest European destinations for study and internship abroad. It is a lively, interesting city that attracts visitors from different corners of the world.

The lifestyle here is a desirable one – Gothic history, the Tapas, the Sangria, art, and music, there is so much to explore. Beautiful beaches make sure you never get bored during your stay.

You might feel moving to a Spanish-speaking country can be intimidating; however, as there is a lot of international population, English is largely spoken in Barcelona. Also, it is a nice place to start learning Spanish.

3. Madrid, Spain

Youthful, lively, and Bohemian, this Spanish capital never sleeps. It is home to architecture, boulevards, and works of art.

It is also among the top finance and education hubs of Europe. Madrid is the perfect destination for those interested in interning in Spain as there are plenty of options for intern programs.

Spain has easy visa regulations which attract interns from across the world and makes it easy to find a job after the internship. Interns are sure to be impressed by the friendly locals and beautiful city centre. It is also a great place to learn Spanish.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an ideal destination for taking an internship in any area from finance and banking to entertainment and media as there are so many local as well as international companies.

It offers a reasonable living that lets you enjoy working in an emerging market that is both professional and advanced.

Interns can have a great time during their stay as the meals and entertainment options are quite affordable here. It is also easy to find budget-friendly accommodation in this city.

5. Krakow, Poland

Poland is known to be one of the best destinations to intern in Europe. The cultural city of Krakow is an artistically fascinating place for interns as it is full of beautiful architecture and museums. It is also a cheaper European place to live in with affordable transportation, accommodation, and meals.

While these are some of the best destinations to pursue an internship abroad, your choice of the city and country should be based on your career goals and linguistic abilities, and interests.

There are numerous guides and resources to help you pick the right destination for your internship abroad. When it comes to safe and affordable accommodations, however, you needn’t go further than Student-Room-Flat, with its extensive collections, and rock-bottom prices.

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Chapter 5

Accommodation for Interns Abroad

As an intern is important to find housing abroad that is affordable, safe, and well located. Sometimes managing your work and social life can be challenging, especially if this is your first work abroad experience. 

When it comes to finding your accommodation abroad pick a student housing platform such as Student Room Flat to avoid any possible situation of scam! 

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Chapter 6

Are Internships Abroad Paid?

How to find a paid internship abroad

There is nothing like an internship abroad; you get a chance to gain valuable skills in the area of your interest and add some nice weight to your resume.

Apart from the work experience, interning abroad is also a great way to learn some life lessons stepping outside of your comfort zone.

One of the top concerns candidates have about internships abroad is whether they provide some kind of payment.

Here, let us try to answer this common question about international internships.

Are Internships Abroad Paid?

While most internships offer some kind of compensation in the form of an hourly wage, stipend, or academic credit, not all of them are paid. Depending on the company and position you are applying to get your internship, you may or may not get paid.

There are paid as well as unpaid internships available, so it is up to you to go through the description carefully to find out whether you will get paid during the course of the program.

If you see that the job description mentions no salary or stipend, you can contact the provider or company to ask if the internship involves any payment.

It is important to note that unpaid internships are also worth considering and legal. The best internship, whether paid or unpaid, is the one that benefits you with valuable work experience.

Finding A Paid Internship Abroad

Getting the best paid internship in a foreign country can be intimidating and challenging. However, you can follow a few simple steps to find your dream internship program.

You can either apply directly with an international organization or go through a program provider that assists you throughout the process.

One of the first considerations for finding an internship abroad is the industry and country you want to work in.

Look for the offerings in your area of interest and see what countries allow you to participate in an internship by law. Once you have narrowed down your options by country and industry to fit your goals and skills, you can start applying.

Top Tips For Getting A Paid Internship Abroad

While availing of the support and assistance of program providers incur a cost, applying directly to the organizations places you in competition with others.

Grabbing a paid internship abroad is a difficult task; these tips should make it easier for you.

  • The longer the period of internship, the better are the chances of getting compensated. Look for programs that last from a few months to about a year.
  • You are likely to find more paid internship programs in some industries than others. If you are keen on getting paid during your internship, you can consider switching to another industry.
  • Make sure you set clear expectations with your company right from the start. Be upfront and tell the employer that you want to get paid for your internship. This way you may be able to convince the employer to compensate you in some way for the contribution you are making.

Though it is natural to aspire for a fully-paid internship abroad, it is not always a realistic option. It is a good idea to opt for an offer that covers your living costs while propping up your career in some way.

There are plenty of ways to make your abroad internship work, with services such as Student-Room-Flat you can avail shared accommodation at attractive prices across European cities, helping you work, learn, and explore, without having to shell out any of your own money.

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