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My erasmus in Prague… What an incredible experience!

Hello everyone,

I am Ipek Müftüler, 23 years old, and I recently graduate from Istanbul, Turkey. I am doing my Erasmus+ Internship at Student Room Flat. I also stay in the Na Vaclavce building at Barcelona apartment in Prague.

Before working at Student Room Flat, I studied at Istanbul Bilgi University in the Department of Media and Communication. I realized how important marketing, media, and communication are for companies through internships and lessons I took. So I wanted to gain more experience in marketing and explore Prague! and it is a lot more than I thought it would be — in the best way possible. So far, I have already gained many skills, and I have learned more about different website tools used in everyday marketing.

Erasmus+ Internship Abroad

My first step in participating in the Erasmus+ Internship program was to find the company I would go to for exchange. For this, I started looking for possibilities on some related websites. The most helpful that I recommend everyone is this website. some companies use to promote internship programs among international students. Here you can choose the country you want to go to, degree, field of study, duration of the internship, etc. You can filter the possibilities.

Since I graduated from the Department of Media and Communication, I realized that I had the chance to work in many fields and I realized that I could improve myself especially in the field of digital marketing. I noticed that I could learn while having fun while adding value to Student Room Flat with the knowledge I gained from my previous internships. It also allowed me to meet international people from many cultures and languages in the Na Vaclavce apartment! And also, I really like Prague. Czech Republic has a beautiful location for traveling!

I’m training in various platforms in order to perform different campaigns using WordPress, Linkedin, Instagram, and social media managers. Other than that, Prague is a very active city when it comes to social life — there are parties, meetups, sessions, and events every day.

After this internship, I am thinking of doing a master’s degree in Digital Media in Germany. I studied my last year in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Mannheim. I love to travel, meet new people, and learn their culture and even language!

I also love listening to music, discovering new music, dancing, and playing the piano! And for this, Prague has so good operas and clubs for dancing and also classical music!

In summary, I’m spending an unforgettable time in Prague thanks to the Erasmus Internship Programme. I’m learning a lot of things about real estate where I’m gaining valuable experience, meeting many wonderful people, having countless strange travel experiences, and enjoying my Erasmus+ Internship.

If you want to do Erasmus+ Internship don’t think about it too much and start applying! Check the open positions on our careers page! Join our team and grow professionally while living in some of the best cities in Europe!! 🥰

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