7 Reasons To Study In Krakow – UPDATED 2024

Why you should study in Krakow

When you choose to study in Europe, selecting a top-ranking university for your course is not enough. It is worth making some extra effort to find a nice place to live, with a vibrant culture, interesting lifestyle, and welcoming people. Krakow is one of the most prominent academic centers in Poland with access to world-class education and ample career opportunities.

With more than two hundred thousand students flocking to Krakow for higher studies every year, it is clear why it is the perfect destination for you. While everybody has their reason, here are a few popular reasons people choose to study in Krakow.

1. Ideal Location

The Polish city has a unique location that makes it favourable for visitors and students alike. Not only does it offer all the benefits of a big city including a well-developed public transit system, plenty of shopping centres and restaurants, easy accommodation options, and outdoor activities, but it also has proximity to beautiful national parks and mountains for some trekking, skiing and rafting opportunities.

Moreover, Krakow is not located far from other European capitals like Vienna and Prague, so those who study in Krakow and are keen on travelling can hope for some exciting weekend trips. It is also a prominent transport hub with links to major cities and quick air, rail, and road connections to other places, within and outside Poland.

2. Interesting Culture & History

Known as the historical capital of Poland, Krakow is deeply rooted in Polish culture and tradition. The atmosphere in the city offers an authentic feel of history while boasting a lively and vivid feel at the same time. Museums, galleries, theatres, and opera houses – there is so much to impress art lovers here, the reason it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Krakow is not only great for its history; it is a meeting point of varied cultures where people from around the world come together to share their experiences, knowledge, and bonds. If you study in Krakow you can find a welcoming environment at clubs and pubs. They are located close to one another, so hardcore explorers are sure to spend evenings discovering new places. Further livening up the vibrant city are film, music, and cultural festivals many of which are organized by students.

3. Quality of Education for Every International Student in Krakow

Krakow has a long-dating history in academics attributed to the second oldest university in Europe. Today, the city boasts several universities recognized around the world for their high-quality education system. The centuries-old academic tradition goes along a modern approach with the latest technology and innovation to transform into a thriving centre that attracts students from around the world.

These universities and colleges offer study programs across disciplines like the economy, medicine, fine arts, and music, so every student should find Krakow an ideal destination regardless of his area of interest. Some prestigious private universities offer courses in English, great for those who decide to go on an adventure and study in Krakow! 

The overall quality of the education process is constantly evaluated and regulated throughout Poland. Moreover, as institutions are located near each other, students can expect close cooperation, not just scientifically but also for leisure and culture.

Study in Krakow

4. Great Job Opportunities While you Study in Krakow

As Krakow’s universities make qualified, trained specialists across a variety of fields, it is no surprise many new businesses are established in the region. Many international corporations set up their branches in the city to hire skilled specialists.

This presents a multitude of job and career opportunities for students in Krakow in their areas of interest. Those who aim to start their own business or get their dream job in a reputed company would benefit from their decision to study in Krakow.

Study in Krakow

5. Affordable Living Costs for a Student in Krakow

Students looking to move to a foreign country are concerned about the cost of living in the first place. Fortunately, Krakow is one of the most affordable destinations for international students in Europe.

The average expense of studying here is more than two times lower than in other countries of the continent.

Basic amenities like food, transportation, and student accommodation in Krakow are available at affordable prices.  Services, as well as products of daily use, are cheaper than in other areas with the same quality. Cafes, cinema tickets, and accommodation should not cost you a fortune in this city, making it one of the best choices for students on a budget.

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the local cultures, staying at flatshare accommodation is a great way to go. Student Room Flat does not only offer plenty of safe rentals but you can also ensure a seamless and comfortable stay while you study in Krakow. Pick the right neighbourhood in Krakow for you and move into your affordable flatshare while you study in Krakow.

6. Polish Hospitality

The first thing that impresses every visitor in Poland is their hospitality. Locals are more friendly and kind to foreign guests than you can expect. You can experience it at your University, on the streets, and with your local friends. You should not be surprised if a Polish friend invites you for lunch or a party. They always try to help you feel comfortable and good. Even elders who can’t speak English will do their best to help you in every way.

Study in Krakow

7.  Delicious Yet Affordable Food for a Student in Krakow

Studying in Krakow allows you to experience the fulfilling, comforting Polish cuisine. Health-conscious students will be happy to learn that Poland readily embraces bio, non-GMO, and organic food trends. These days, Poland prioritizes eating healthy and choosing ingredients carefully.

The strong free-market capitalist system allows for a large supply of organic food items. You can find frequently organized fairs for these foods in big cities.

Krakow hosts a large number of restaurants and cafes serving delicious Polish as well as international dishes. Moreover, food is quite affordable here. Organic food items cost only a bit more than normal items. When you study in Krakow you need not pay ten times higher price to eat a healthy meal.

polish cakes

Should you study in Krakow?

With everything you would want for an interesting, vibrant student life, Krakow makes an excellent choice for studying abroad, especially if you pick Poland as your Erasmus destination country. These are some of the reasons you might want to consider moving to this beautiful city in Poland for your international degree or summer course.

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