7 Reasons To Study In Prague – UPDATED 2024

We give you 7 Reasons To Study In Prague

With charming historic cities and wonderful castles, the Czech Republic is a beautiful tourist attraction in Europe. It has also become an increasingly popular choice for international students in Prague, thanks to its high-quality education programs available at affordable costs. Prague is the perfect city for those who want to study in this small country. The capital city boasts rich architecture, dynamic nightlife, part-time job options, and affordable student accommodation. Here are the top reasons you should consider studying in Prague.

1. Quality of Education

Universities in the Czech Republic rank as some of the best in Europe and offer a wide range of interesting course options along with specializations to choose from. Students not only come here for a full-time degree program but also to complete their PhD or enrol for short-term courses through summer school or internship. These universities and institutions are famous for the quality of education they provide, particularly in the fields of medicine, science, and engineering.

Colleges and universities in Prague have a long-standing reputation and allow their students to benefit from state-of-the-art training and research methods in their fields of study. Most institutions have the latest teaching equipment and laboratories for the best practical learning and research for those who choose to study in Prague.

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2. Affordable for  Students in Prague

Education for international students is quite affordable in the Czech Republic as compared to some other European countries. State universities offer free-of-cost degree programs and education in the Czech language. If you want to enroll yourself for a course taught in English, you pay fees but it is comparatively less than what most European universities would charge.

You can also find private universities and colleges offering courses in English for international students. These courses are priced reasonably enough to let you complete your undergraduate or postgraduate degree on a budget.

If you can manage to be eligible for a scholarship, the costs come down further. Prague also has some of the cheapest living costs; you need not make any compromises in your living standard if you want to live inexpensively. There is plenty of budget-friendly accommodation, food, and transportation when you study in Prague.

To further reduce your expenses, there are many options for student accommodation in Prague, with online services such as Student Room Flat leading the fray, providing the safest, most convenient options for international students looking to study in Prague. Pick also the best neighbourhood in Prague for students for a budget-friendly stay.

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3. Safety

The Global Peace Index lists the Czech Republic as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world. This makes Prague a great choice for students looking for a safe destination to study abroad. Travelling and living in this city and country is believed to be safe for people of all age groups, regardless of their nationality, religion, and gender.

Students choosing where to live in Prague say they feel at home when they move.  You can move about freely around the city usually without any fear of robbery or harassment from locals. However, always remember this is a very tourist capital city and stay alert for possible pickpocketers in big crowds or transport.

4. Perfect Location

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic has easy access to neighbouring countries. Once you are here, you get a great opportunity to explore the rest of Europe with ease. Your Schengen visa lets you travel to 26 countries without hassle. Students can find cheap trains and buses to travel to Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia in a matter of a few hours.

When you are studying in Prague, you can make the most of your academic breaks and long weekends with a trip to Switzerland, Italy, or any other parts of Europe you always wanted to visit. Trains, flights, and buses connect this city to big and small European cities. So, Prague is the perfect destination that makes student life joyful and adventurous.

5. Interesting Lifestyle While You Study in Prague

Historic monuments, gothic churches, cathedrals, and castles greet you as you arrive in the capital city. Prague boasts a rich history and cultural heritage you can immerse yourself in by visiting museums. With live music, clubs, pubs, theatres, parks, and markets located throughout the city, you are sure not to experience a dull moment when you study in Prague.

Sports lovers can enjoy their favourite sport between their lessons with a large number of basketball courts, football fields, hockey fields, and squash courts around. Every year, expats and students from around the world move to Prague to work, live, study, or just travel; you are likely to meet somebody from your country at a local pub you visit. There are so many things to do in Prague, make sure you make the most fo your time abroad!


6. Excellent Public Transportation System

Students find it extremely easy to get around Prague as it boasts a highly developed public transport system. You don’t need to arrange for a personal vehicle to travel to and from your college or university. You can choose from buses, trains, and metros to go wherever you want. Regardless of the climate and time, there is always a tram available for you.

Prague’s public transport never sleeps just like the city, so there is never a need to book a cab when you are studying here. Another reason this transit system is simply outstanding is its affordability. Students in Prague can get a transport card for a discounted price and use it for the entire year to move about. Moreover, Prague is easy to navigate on foot as well.

7. Jobs & Career Opportunities After You Study in Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic has seen many new business ventures with an increasing number of corporations establishing themselves in the favorable area. This presents international students with multiple employment opportunities during and after their studies.

You can easily get a part-time job or summer job in your field of interest to support your education. Once you complete your course, there are countless opportunities to build your career as you get open access to the market.

Is it worthy to study in Prague?

These are a few amazing reasons you should consider Prague for your study abroad. The culture, history, atmosphere, and vibes this capital city offers are sure to give you lifelong memories.

When it comes to nightlife, excitement, and romance, this city is only next to Madrid or Paris and is also one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Looking for more tips about Prague? Read more here.

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