Kutná Hora: a chill to the bone but real candy for the eyes!

Small in size but big in charm, this small silver mining city is the perfect one day trip you don’t want to miss during your time in the Czech Republic.

The access from Prague to Kutná hora is quite easy and cheap: just enjoy a 50  minutes ride by train costing  113czk normal ticket and merely around 29 CZK if you have any special card like student, ESN or ISIC card! In a blink of an eye you’ll arrive to the city and in our case as soon as we got there we took a walk to the main ticket’s selling place and bought a combo costing 155 CZK that includeD the 3 main places to visit: Kostnice Sedlec Ossuary,Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady and St John the Baptist,  and at last but not least St Barbara’s Cathedral.

We started by visiting Kostnice Sedlec Ossuary

In this famous ossuary you can see 40.000 human skeletons skilfully displayed in paterns that adorn the inside of the chapel. Chandeliers and piramides of bones are as scary as admirable, serving  to remind everyone of their own mortality. There is a peculiar legend of a half blind monk that miraculously recovered his full sight  after organizing the bones. However to get more historical and real facts look for some yellow plastified information papers in english that explain in detail the story of this place. The ossuary is quite impressive but also small, don’t expect to spend a lot of time here!

Ossuary in Kutná Hora

Next stop in Kutná Hora: Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St John the Baptist

When we entered the luminescence of the place was magical, and even with the presence of other tourists the place was fairly silent and calm. You can freely explore around and look at the beautiful paintings, but don’t forget to look up and admire the gorgeous ceilling paintings that the more distracted might miss.

Lunch time  rapidly arrived so we headed to the city center by foot, a long walk but that surely enhaced our appetite to discover Kutná hora and taste some delicious and fat czech cuisine.

On our way to the city center, Kutná Hora almost seemed like a ghost city since many shops had an abandoned look but compared to the usual bustle we have to deal with back in Prague it surely had a peaceful charm.

Arrived to the city center we chose a restaurant with no other criteria than the presence of a sunny terrace. For lunch, fried cheese and french fries with tartar sauce made the trick, accompanied by the surprisingly delicious Kutná Hora’s beer!


With full bellies was time for some chill. We headed to St Barbara’s Cathedral, however before entering we chose to rest a bit in the garden enjoying the deeply missed warm weather.

The unique St. Barbara’s Cathedral

I must say that St Barbara’s Cathedral was my personal favorite in Kutná Hora. This dazzling cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site and seems taken straight out of Game of Thrones. Beautiful on inside as much as on the outside, the famous gothic cathedral certainly leaves no one indifferent to its charms.

When on the inside, we were lucky enough to listen to the cathedral’s organ being played making the experience even more surreal. Once again look for the explanatory plastified papers by the entrance in order to organize better your visit and truly understand the story of its elements.

After visiting the cathedral and indulge in some creamy ice cream it was time to go back to our gorgeous Prague!

St. Barbara's Cathedral in Kutná Hora


Remember before visiting Kutná Hora:

-The main places to visit close around 4pm, but don’t worry if you’re organized you’ll have time to enjoy everything with time

– Take your student/esn card in order to fully enjoy some good discounts

-If you are a beer lover don’t hesitate to taste Kutna Hora’s. Delish!

Follow us to keep sure you don’t miss our next trips and tips. The weather is getting better and soon the city will be full of activities!

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