Prague: 5 Ways To Feel Like A Local

 Can you remember how many times you have googled “how to feel like a local in Prague”? Well, we get you! Moving to a new city as an Erasmus student or intern is exciting but also gives you a lot to worry about! What are the coolest spots? Where do locals hang out? What is the city’s most famous food? Waving the “been there, done that” flag -whilst being interns ourselves- we aim to answer all these questions and introduce you to the habits of a Praguer! 

Prague is, undoubtedly, one of the best cities to live in and that’s proudly reflected on its people. The city is a beautiful combination of gothic glory and romance. The baroque palaces, the countless green parks alongside the coolest riverside spots are some of its highlights, believed by many to be the main reasons to visit it.

Down below you’ll find 5 easy ways to adapt smoothly into the local lifestyle:

Feed the otters on Kampa Island

Kampa Island is simply one of our favorite spots in Prague. This small island right in the middle of the river is a true garden of Eden. Sitting below the giant trees really feels like you’re in a bubble of peacefulness, providing you with a view of the busy city as well as its landmarks.There you can sit by the river, watch the sun setting behind Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Sit close to the water, and you’ll be visited by unexpected guests; otters, ducks and swans, wanting a bite. You’ll feel as if you were transported in a Disney movie! Whether you want to relax after a long day of work, have a picnic with your friends on the weekend, or bring your date, you couldn’t find a better place. 

Grab a Hot-Dog while strolling Mala Strana 

Strolling through the cobbled streets of Mala Strana is definitely a must. But while you are on exploration mode, in what seems as an endless neighborhood, you’ll sooner or later feel hungry. Luckily, your cravings won’t last long; aka Hot Dogs in almost every corner! Yes, although they are not originally from Prague, hot-dogs are THE thing! The approach on these fast-food goodies varies; from trendy looks at Mr Hot-Dog to old school brioches at Bistro Bruncvik. Just remember to avoid super touristic places, as they are unnecessarily overpriced and keep in mind that most of them only accept payment in cash!

Try Trdelnik in the Old Town  

The Trdelník you might not know how to pronounce, but you sure know what it is. It’s Prague ’s most famous dessert; a cinnamon dough-pocket filled with chocolate,ice cream and fruits! During your first visits to Charles Bridge and Mala Strana, you’ll see a lot of shops selling those but -as you might have guessed- not all of them worth the shot. We’ve only tried 1 so far, from Trdlo, right before Charles Bridge, and it was as tasty as the photo suggests.

Have a picnic in Grebovka park 

Located in Vinohrady, Prague ‘s business oriented neighborhood, Grebovka park is an after work oasis. Hidden among old colourful buildings, this verdant fairyland is exactly what you need after a full day at the office. We usually choose to take our lunch break there, as it’s a short distance from our workplace, and manage to detox for an hour taking all the fresh air in. Grebovka also makes the perfect picnic setting for an afternoon gathering with your friends or coworkers. Inside the park you’ll find many local food stands selling ice cream, beer and homemade tarts! 


Go in a Beer Garden with your friends & enjoy a football game 

What better than a big screen, your Erasmus buddies and good beer? Football matches are a perfect opportunity to gather with your friends and cheer for your favourite team. And since beer is mandatory go for an open garden and enjoy cold beer as well as the all-green surroundings. Zizkov’s beer garden is a personal favourite as it’s spacious and very budget-friendly!

Whether Prague is an upcoming trip or where you’ll set up your student house, we hope you got a glimpse of what living in the city looks like. As our stay continues, we’ll keep you updated on all things Prague, from an insider’s point of view, and make sure you get inspired by the cool photos we take along the way!

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