10 Things To Do in Krakow During Your Erasmus+

Explore the Best Things To Do in Krakow

Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland, is one of the most visited European cities known for its vibrant nightlife and medieval buildings. As it attracts a large number of students every year, the atmosphere is always favorable for studying here. Moreover, the city offers what every international student would want – affordable living! Everything from food and transportation to accommodation and leisure is cheap in this city.

In this post, let us talk about a few interesting things students can consider doing in Krakow during their Erasmus+.

  1. Explore the Main Market Square

One of the best places to start your exploration of Krakow sights is the Rynek Glowny or Main Market Square. It is the biggest medieval square in Europe dating back to the 13th century when it was the primary trading center in the country that later grew into a space where all the celebrations and events of the city are conducted. Most of the top landmarks of the city like the Gothic Basilica, Cloth Hall, and Royal Route are situated around the market square. Moreover, it is a lively spot with colorful buildings, outdoor restaurants, retail stores, and bars highly popular among tourists as well as locals.

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  1. Take a free Old Town walking tour

A walking tour is an excellent way to get familiar with the city when you move for your Erasmus+. Set out on a tour in your free time to learn about the culture, history, and other interesting things from locals who can give you better insights than any online or offline resource. There are several options for free walking tours starting from St. Mary’s Basilica or St. Florian’s Gate. They generally guide you through all the main sights in the Old Town like the Jewish Quarter, the main square, and Wawel Castle.

  1. Visit the Cloth Hall

Located in the center of the Main Market Square, the Cloth Hall is an eye-catching attraction worth not missing out on. At the time when Krakow was Poland’s capital, it was the main trading center where people indulged in the battering of leather, silk, spices, and other items for commodities like salt, textiles, and lead. Today, you can find independent sellers offering locally crafted items on the ground floor of the center while the upper floors are occupied by the Art Gallery called Sukiennice Museum.

cloth hall krakow

  1. Walk around the Wawel Cathedral

This is one of the most prominent landmarks in Krakow and a must-see when in the city for your Erasmus+. The architecture of this sight blends Gothic, Romanesque, Early Baroque, and Renaissance styles as it was occupied by different rulers throughout the time. You should spare a few hours of time when you visit it to learn about its significance among the Polish people. The most amazing view of this castle can be enjoyed from the bridge across the river Vistula, particularly during the night when light reflections add to the mystical feel of the structure.

wawel cathedral

  1. Visit the Sukiennice Museum

If you like visiting museums or learning about works of art, this museum, also called the Gallery of 19th-century Polish Art, is one of the places to explore during your stay in Krakow for your Erasmus+. Located in the Cloth Hall, it is one of the most remarkable museums in Poland exhibiting the best works from the 18th and 19th centuries. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of Polish sculptures and paintings across themes like historical, mythological, biblical, landscape, etc. Visiting this museum should give you some insights into the city’s rich history and heritage.

  1. Visit the church

Krakow has an abundance of churches but the most beautiful of these is the 14th-century Gothic style St. Mary’s Basilica with stunning stained glass windows and towers. The church is decorated with vibrant colors from the ceiling to the floor. Everything in the interior and exterior is so beautiful; you should visit it when you have enough time to explore it in its entirety.

st. mary’s basilica krakow

  1. Stroll along the Royal Route

One of the must-do things when in Krakow, taking a stroll along this route guides you through the most interesting sights in the city. Krakow had remained the primary residence for Polish monarchs for centuries and it was along the Royal Route that battle victory celebrations, royal coronations, and welcome ceremonies of dignitaries from other countries were carried out. St. Florian’s Gate and the Gothic Barbican are some of the final traces of the medieval system of Krakow along the route.

  1. Take a Kazimierz food tour

A fun activity worth doing during your stay in Krakow for your Erasmus+, the Kazimierz food tour is for those who are interested in tasting traditional Polish cuisine and getting to know the traditions and history associated with it. As a part of the tour, you are taken to the Kazimierz neighbourhood to try out a variety of typical Polish food from local restaurants, markets, bars, and bakeries. Some of the highlights of the food tour include sampling a variety of Polish dumplings, cakes, and vodka.


  1. Stroll through Planty Park

Krakow has many easy-to-access green spaces like Planty Park around the Old Town. Spending a day out in these parks is one of the most refreshing things you can do during your Erasmus+ in Krakow. It not only boasts lush gardens, monuments, fountains, and walkways but also houses some remnants from the medieval period like St. Florian’s Gate and Barbican worth checking out.

  1. Explore the salt mine

A must-visit attraction in Krakow is the Wieliczka salt mine located only 15km away from the city. Tunnels here go deep up to over 300 meters and it feels like exploring an underground city. Consider visiting the salt mine to learn about Krakow’s long history of salt production and the latest innovations. The most exciting part of this visit is the exploration of underground spaces where you can see narrow tunnels, grand ballrooms, saline lakes, and chapels decorated with chandeliers and sculpted art all made out of salt.

Are these the best 10 things to do in Krakow during your Erasmus+?

If you are thinking about doing your Erasmus+ in Krakow, you will surely not regret your decision because this beautiful city has everything you need for the perfect experience and a comfortable stay. These are only a few of the things you can do in Krakow; options are endless when it comes to spending your free time doing something fun and exciting.

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