10 Things To Do in Milan During Your Erasmus+

Explore the Best Things To Do in Milan During Your Erasmus+

Milan, the Italian city of fashion, is popular across the world for its designs and catwalks. However, it is not just renowned for its luxurious style but also for the quality of universities that attract a large number of international students every year. If you are selecting Milan for your Erasmus+ program, there is so much to do here, from enjoying the nightlife to sightseeing and spending some of the most memorable times of your life.

Here are the top fun things to do in Milan if you can consider doing your Erasmus+ in this iconic Italian city.

1. Visit the universities in Milan

During your free time from your studies, you can plan a visit to the historic universities in Milan. These ancient buildings are a must-see for anybody visiting the city, particularly students. The Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Brera boasts a beautiful courtyard that you can access for free while the Universita Degli Studi di Milano built in the Renaissance is an old palace offering wonderful views. Paying a visit to some of these universities is one of the best ways to learn about Milan’s rich history without spending a penny.

2. Spend an evening at Navigli

The old town along Navigli is a great place to experience the active nightlife of Milan. It is an ancient part of the city located along the river bustling with bars and restaurants catering to all tastes. For the youth fascinated with cafes and music, spending time at Navigli is one of the most interesting things to do. Though it is the busiest in the evening, you can go during the day to see the artist workshops and boutiques as well as festivals and restaurants. You can choose to go early in the evening to enjoy some great food and drinks with friends.

3. Visit the museum

Even if you are not much interested in art, the Poldi-Pezzoli museum in Milan is worth visiting once during your Erasmus+ in the city. The art museum is an elegant old patrician house that originated in the 19th century. Some of the highlights of the place include painting works of big artists like Piero Della Francesca, Botticelli, Guardi, and others as well as porcelains, silver, jewelry, armor, weapons, and bronzes.

Inside the museum, you also get to check out textiles like Persian and Flemish carpets, a collection of hand-worked lace, tapestries, and a rare embroidery work of Botticelli. The museum itself is mesmerizing as collections are exhibited in a combination of gallery spaces and rooms. A visit to this site should give you a glimpse into the rich heritage the Italian city boasts.

4. Check out the dance clubs

Those who like dancing would find Milan quite exciting because it is full of dance clubs you can visit for a fun night. Whether you want to spend a night out with friends dancing or like listening to international DJs, you can head to one of the clubs around the city for a memorable experience. Though many of these can be exclusive and expensive, you can always find the right one for your budget and taste with so many options available.

5. Visit the Duomo

The massive gothic church is one of the things you can’t miss exploring during your stay in Milan for your Erasmus+ programme. Duomo is among the largest and most magnificent churches in the world and an outstanding specimen of the Gothic style. The structure boasts a striking contrast of rich stone and marble exterior and a dim interior. Its stained glass windows are the biggest in the world. Make sure you explore the surrounding square as well as the views from the top.

6. Browse through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II –  best things to do in Milan

This sight is probably the most iconic in Milan after Duomo. It is situated next to the cathedral and is free to access. At the time of its construction, it was the biggest shopping arcade in Europe. Today, it stands as a splendid example of the iron and glass construction of the 19th century. The cafes and shops inside the Galleria are quite expensive as most of them are luxury boutiques and tourist shops but the sight itself is worth it. The landmark is a big part of Milan’s local life; so many people gather at the elegant cafes and browse the luxury shops every day.

7. Look for street art

Not a lot of people know that there exists street art around Milan’s districts. The most beautiful examples of street art are concentrated in hotspots in the city though you can come across a lot of them all around. The Isola district is one of the primary locations to look for this type of art. This neighborhood can be explored on foot to see some excellent specimens of street art created by commissioned locals. You can also find it along Corso Ticinese and Colonne di San Lorenzo. It can turn out to be a fun activity on weekends or holidays during your Erasmus+ in Milan.

8. Check out China Town

One of the oldest multi-cultural districts in Milan, the Chinese neighborhood is not so huge but certainly packs a punch. As it is made pedestrian, you can walk through it easily. Here, there are so many restaurants and markets to visit and some street food venues to try authentic Italian recipes. If you are visiting during the Chinese new year, don’t miss the lighting and parades across the district.

10. Walk around NOLO

Though NOLO (North of Loreto) might not be a popular neighborhood in Milan, it is certainly worth seeing during your stay in the city for your Erasmus+. The district is situated to the north of Piazzale Loreto and represents the multicultural side of Milan. Here, you can see restaurants and shops from across the world and discover an entirely different face of the city. You can also find some of the biggest hybrid spaces in this district like the Heraces Gymnasium, a gym that doubles as a library.

10. One of the main things to do in Milan: Explore the fashion

Milan’s high-fashion district, Quadrilatero Della Moda is where you can find some of the smartest shops from the biggest Italian designers. It is a famous designer shopping street lined with all the big names including Armani, Fendi, Prada, Missoni, Valentino, and more. Visitors are generally seen browsing the attractive windows of these shops where displays are as dramatic as the styles.

Are these the best 10 things to do in Milan during your Erasmus+?

Milan is one of the most popular Erasmus+ destinations among international students because it has a blend of everything you would want for a convenient experience. Whatever your interests, there is always something to explore and do in Milan during your free time!

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