10 Things To Do in Lisbon During Your Erasmus+

Know More About the Best Things To Do in Lisbon During Your Erasmus+

The capital city of Portugal is one of the most visited European destinations attracting a large number of tourists as well as students every year. This is quite acceptable because the city has so much to offer; you will certainly not regret choosing Lisbon for your Erasmus+. Also, there is no shortage of exciting ways to spend your time here as there is a lot to experience and explore.

To help you create a to-do list for your Erasmus+ in Lisbon, we have curated some of the most fun activities worth trying in this lively city.

1. Take a walk around the city, your first to do in Lisbon

One of the must-dos when in Lisbon is to enjoy a walk through the suburbs of Mouraria and Alfama. You can head out on a weekend to breathe Lisbon’s past as you walk through the narrow streets and alleyways. The oldest neighborhood of the city survived the 1775 earthquake. You need not worry about navigation; you can get lost and are sure to discover some striking views. Consider going to Casa de Fados in Mouraria at the end of the day to listen to some soulful Fado sounds.

If you don’t like exploring yourself, you can go for the guided 3.5-hour walking tour that gives you a glimpse of the city. The friendly guides offer you a comfortable experience filled with information about the cultural, historical, and political aspects of the city. This tour aims to show you the parts of the city away from the mainstream tourist routes.

2. Dance the night away

When in Lisbon for your Erasmus+, there is no looking far for an exciting night out as you can quickly get to the city’s top nightlife spot. Bairro Alto is a famous tourist destination filled with international restaurants and coffee shops for a perfect hangout. Start your night here with dinner and sip your favorite cocktails in one of the bars with your group. You can find shots and cocktails at cheap prices here. If you are on the lookout for a night full of artistic passion, you are likely to enjoy the old Fado music with cool breweries and bars for an unforgettable experience.

3. Enjoy the seafood and sun, one of the best things to do in Lisbon

Whenever during your Erasmus+ in Lisbon you feel the need for some idyllic scenery away from the hustle and bustle, there is no better place to visit than the picturesque Cascais. The most popular beach town is famous for its beautiful city center, coastline, and pastel-colored buildings. This old fishing hamlet has undergone a transformation over the decades to be the ultimate spot for sand, sun, and sea.

You can find at least three cliff-backed golden bays and several seafood restaurants in this region. Some of the fun things you can do here include cycling down to Guincho beach, stand-up paddling, and walking to the Hell’s Mouth which is a series of caves and cliffs.

4. Go shopping

If you like shopping, there are endless options in Lisbon to get your hands on some of the most unique picks. There is a concept store called The Feeting Room that showcases young Portuguese designers. Here, you can find fashion and footwear pieces as well as accessories for men and women. At the +351 store, you can check out sweatshirts and t-shirts by the local designer Ana Costa and some local brands of clothing. Vintage lovers can explore the flea market held twice a week featuring a selection of collectibles, used clothing, and craft items.

5. Unravel the city’s past

The perfect way to learn about any place and discover its rich history is to pay a visit to its heritage sights. When in Lisbon, there is nothing better than the Story Centre which unravels the past of the Portugal capital right from its earliest times to the present. You can find a variety of sections dedicated to different times in its history like the Age of Exploration and the 1755 Earthquake.

Then you have a large number of museums to choose from – the National Tile Museum, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, the Museu do Fado, and more. The MAAT is something you can’t miss because the paintings, ceramics, sculptures, gold, and silverware here capture the riveting history of Portugal from the Middle Ages through the 19th century.

6. Learn surfing, a to-do for all real sea lovers!

The sunny city offers you several beaches within easy reach, so you have immense opportunities to get tanned. One of the best locations for a day trip is the wonderful seaside town of Nazare along the Silver Coast to the north. This town has, over the years, become famous for giant waves that made it a popular surfing spot in the world. Seeing the biggest surfers riding the scary waves is definitely a show not to miss.

The nearest location for surfing is Carcavelos, a sandy curve just 15 minutes distance by train from Cais do Sodre station. Whether you like to surf or just want to enjoy a cold beer served on the lounger, it is worth taking a short bus and ferry ride to Costa da Caparica which offers you 20 miles of white sand surf beaches to enjoy a day.

Surf in Lisbon

7. Watch the sunset from a rooftop bar

One of the most loved things in Lisbon is the panoramic views of the sunset from any of the rooftop bars. You can see the wavy-cobblestone Rossio square, the castle battlements on the hillside, and the river. Regardless of your taste for food and drink, everybody visiting Lisbon should take a view of the city from above once. Add to this a group of friends and slow DJs and you have the perfect recipe for a laidback evening experience in Lisbon.

8. Ride the 28 tram, a very tourist thing to do in Lisbon

Just like San Francisco, Lisbon is famous for its historic tram lines and there is nothing more iconic than Tram 28 which runs through a route giving the best view of the entire city. It was started back in 1914 and the route is designed to take riders through the neighborhoods like Estrela and Graca before going through wonderful places and sights. You can expect to grab the best people-watching opportunity from the window and get to discover decades of rich history as you move by different castles and places along your way.

9. Enjoy the festivities

The festival scene in Lisbon is quite impressive; it is famous for the Nos Alive – a 4-day festival held on the waterfront. In July, there is Festival ao Largo where you can enjoy free outdoor classical music concerts, dance, and ballet performances. Whatever the time of the year, there is one or the other festival waiting for you to participate in and explore the incredible culture of the Portuguese capital. Joining these festivities is one of the most memorable things you can do during your Erasmus+ in Lisbon.

10. Climb to the top of the church

The Panteao Nacional is a beautiful church of Portugal that sits in the Alfama district recognized for its unique white dome ceiling. You can enter the church and climb to its top to enjoy the perfect view of its symmetrical design from above. This experience also lets you see the city from the top, with views spanning the Tagus river.

Are these the best 10 things to do in Lisbon during your Erasmus+?

With beautiful neighborhoods, beaches, historical places, and great hangout spots, there is no chance to have a dull moment during your stay in Lisbon for your Erasmus+. Whether you like partying, shopping, eating, or exploring, this city has so much to offer and make lifelong memories for you!

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