7 Reasons To Study In Lisbon – UPDATED 2024

Are you planning on starting to study in Lisbon? The capital city of Portugal is known to be one of the most prestigious European destinations. Lisbon is a vibrant location famous among students across the country and abroad.

Though Portugal has several fantastic cities with excellent academics and overall quality of life, Lisbon leads the way when it comes to attracting international students. The Erasmus+ in Lisbon has made the city a hot spot for foreign students across Europe.

Lisbon is a modern city famous for its culture, leisure, beaches, climate, and hospitality. If you’re thinking about starting to study in Lisbon here are some reasons that make this city a great choice for those who want a sophisticated place to study abroad.

1. Favorable Climate

As most of us would know, the climate in Portugal is famous around the world and this makes a significant contribution to making Lisbon a popular city for students. With no snowfall during winter and temperatures never falling below zero, it is certainly a blessed city.

The climate in Lisbon is seasonal; it has damp winters and dry summers. However, living in a place where you can head to the beach in March or October and spend a day out in February is quite exciting.

Another appealing thing about Lisbon is that it has more light than other European cities, all around the year. Its geographic position makes this possible – it has a high solar radiation index, and the hills reflect the sun’s light.

Ample sunlight boosts health and improves the desire to study. Its latitude means there are more sunlight hours during winter than in other cities. It is always good to know you can enjoy an afternoon under the sun taking a walk along the national parks.

2. Affordable Accommodation for Those Who Study in Lisbon

When you study in Lisbon there is no dearth of student housing in the city, with several affordable options located in close proximity to major education and cultural hubs.

Several properties and dedicated student housing apartments are catered towards Erasmus+ in Lisbon, which has continued to gain momentum among students across Europe in recent years.

3. Typical Lisbon Culture

No doubt Lisbon has a diverse community of students coming from different parts of the world. However, the city’s typical culture is quite prevalent and is one of the top attractions for visitors. You can discover history at every corner as you walk through the old neighbourhoods of Castelo, Alfama, and Baixa.

When you study in Lisbon, if you roam around at night, it is easy to hear the typical music genre of Lisbon which is the UNESCO-recognized Fado. You will always find something happening in Lisbon, from music and film festivals to concerts and more. The city also has a range of cultural leisure places, shops, and facilities with links to major neighbourhoods.

Lisbon has more than 75 museums and cultural attractions students can visit during their free time. So if you are intellectually curious, you can always explore the heritage and learn why Lisbon is reputed across the world.

4. Portuguese Universities

One of the most significant considerations for anybody deciding to study abroad is the quality of education. Universities in Lisbon are well-recognized across the world; students opting to take a degree in this city can rest assured that they will get access to some of the best professors. Lisbon is home to some of the top universities in Portugal, making it an ideal place for international students.

Talking more about academics, every faculty in these universities has a students’ association consisting of a group of volunteers ready to help you with your academic queries. These associations often organize welcome week for newly arriving students. Such activities create a more receptive environment for students coming from different parts of the world.

5. Inexpensive Food Options When You Study in Lisbon

Lisbon is quite cheap compared to other capitals in Europe. Students moving to the city would be happy to know that living here is not as expensive as they might think. Apart from transportation and essentials, you can find high-quality food items at cheap prices in Lisbon. There are so many bars, restaurants, and terraces offering fresh, delicious food options at attractive prices.

You can always go for local recipes to enjoy the authentic taste while saving money. Almost every university campus in the city has a canteen and other faculties have cheap dining options nearby. When you study in Lisbon, these canteens offer you inexpensive options; you can have the main dish, soup, and dessert for as little as 4 euros. They might not be the most delicious, but you can always opt for these options if you can’t cook yourself.

6. Workspaces When You Study in Lisbon

Lisbon is a warm and cosy city with so many coffee shops, parks, and outdoor areas where students can sit and study while enjoying the great weather and sun that last all year. You can also find beautiful, green gardens near the university area. There are also many benches, cafes, and sports places located strategically in the garden for a great experience. A building is also made for students to use when the outdoor weather is not good.

The Foundation Museum is one of the best places for students in Lisbon as it is full of events, conferences, and exhibitions accessible to you at discounts. There is a library inside where you can study silently; there is also an outdoor seating area and a coffee shop. However, on sunny days, students are generally seen preparing for their exams under the sun across outdoor spots.

7. Getting Around is Easy

Lisbon is not too big or small; it has the perfect dimension. So if you study in Lisbon, you can walk almost everywhere and the main things are located relatively close by. You can get to know the city in about six months but it has so much to keep you entertained for a year. This also means you can have all your friends and contacts within reach, helping you create a network which is a great thing when you are far from home. Lisbon also has a good transport network for when your legs start asking for some rest after going up and down its narrow cobbled streets.

These are some of the reasons you should consider studying in Lisbon when deciding to take a degree or course abroad. From weather and food to universities and accommodation, this European capital has everything you need for a comfortable study session and a great quality of life on a budget.

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that every student must consider as it not only gives you access to high-quality education but also lets you explore new cultures and experiences. If you are thinking about studying in Lisbon, you should certainly not hesitate. The city is warm and welcoming with fascinating culture and affordable living conditions, making it one of the best options for international students.

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