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What else than sport to unify people and form friendship bonds ?

I remember when I was myself in Erasmus, we had a multisports tournament (futsal, volleyball and basketball) and I had my own team to play with. But on the tournament day, another team was looking for one member, as the missing partner never showed up (who knows, maybe he had a hard party night…) ! So I decided to join them and played with both teams. It was an incredible experience and I still have great friendship with different members of each teams I played with ! And as a bonus, we even won the Volleyball tournament with the team I just had met !

This little true story to introduce the next event that our Student Room Flat team organises with its partner League5 Academy.




1. Form a team with a minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 10, and choose one captain to represent your team.

2. Create a cool name for your team!

3. Your captain needs to subscribe all the team members with names and e-mails by email to

4. After subscription email sent, the team captain needs to come to the agency in order to pay the inscription of all the team. The inscription cost is 2 000 CZK by team (if you are 10 team members, it is only 200 CZK by person) Notice: this cost is for the event organization and to rent the place.

5. The team is officially subscribe to the tournament !!!



• Inscription has to be paid before Saturday, October 4th 2018.

• The football tournament will take place on the 20th of October at 2PM.

• The field is located in Vinohrady (we will give you the exact address one week before the tournament)


Notice that there will be place for 6 teams in total, so don’t wait more time, share with your friends, build your team and contact us!


To have more information and updates, join the Facebook event !


See you on the feild !

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