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Should you wish to chill with your friends, read a book or study, coffee shops are always there for you. Our team is happy to share with you our best 5 hidden gems.

Best Coffee Places

1. Moment

Slezská 62, Pragua 2

Whether you are a vegan or not, you will appreciate Moment Kavarna Bistro at any moment of the day. Their selection of tea will make any tea lover happy – if you like Maté, you will be served the authentic kind.

Mate Tea


2. Kavarna co hleda jmeno – one of the most stylish coffee places in Prague

Stroupežnického 10, Prague 5


To study or to chat with friends, Kavarna co hleda jmeno will charm you at first sight.

Enjoy this warm, local setting where you can relax for many hours and they often offer events such as yoga classes, expositions… If you know any other coffee places with activities like these let us know!

Highly recommended: the eggs benedict.


3. Dos Mundos

Milady Horákové 38, Prague 7 & Korunní 31, Prague 2


Are you a coffee expert or do you want to know more about it? Enjoy Dos Mundos is one of those coffee places that as a special coffee degustation in Praha 2 or have a nice coffee break while enjoying the moment on one of the swing chairs in Prague 7.

4. Monolok

Moravská 1540/18, Prague 2


Coffee places are in general always a great shot for a meet-up but Monolok is one of the best places! If you like a large cup of tasty hot chocolate, savor it here!


5. Coffee Corner Bakery -one of those coffee places that will warm your heart!

Korunní 1342/96 Prague 10


If you fancy brunch with friends or just feel like having a lazy reading day, Coffee Corner Bakery is one of the best coffee places to be.

Enjoy their fresh homemade baked goods and their incredibly comfortable armchairs! The staff is seriously kind and the overall environment was built to make you want to move there! The coffee is seriously one of the best in town and the cakes – oh the cakes – are delicious!

This is our Top 5 for now but we are totally open to find new coffee places, so share with us your own discoveries- we will surely go until the end of the world for a nice cup of coffee, no jokes.

We hope you will appreciate this selection of coffee shops and let us know if you tried them!

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