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Are you looking for a place to satisfy your ice-cream cravings during your summertime in Prague? Let me show you my TOP 3 tastiest ice-creams around the city.

TOP 1 Ice Cream: Crème de la Crème

After spending a year living in Rome doing my Erasmus it is difficult to find a proper “gelato” and in this case, they got it! I am a regular at Crème de la Crème and they have never failed me.

Large selection of flavors for everybody. From the classics chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio… to special and seasonal ice-cream, including a vegan option.

Friendly multi-lingual staff + big portions for the price, made this place my top 1. A medium size ice-cream is more than enough to share with someone else (or maybe not…I let you decide ?)

If you go there, I need to mention my favorites that you must try are: Hazelnut, Salty Caramel and Pistachio.


TOP 2: Angelato

They describe themselves as an “Italian ice cream of velvety texture and angelic taste”…and you know what? It´s true!

If you visit Petřín, just at the bottom of the funicular (in Újezd) you will usually see a big line of people waiting to give a try. So, be patient because it is worth it.

In my opinion, Angelato is the perfect place to head for after dinner, with a constantly changing and innovative menu of flavors like Cinnamon or Lavender.

Price is affordable and believe me their ice cream texture and taste make Angelato a perfect choice during your stay in Prague.


TOP 3: Puro Gelato

Náplavka is one of the greatest locations to enjoy the summer in the river-side, and if you add an ice cream the combination will be perfect.

If you are walking in the New Town and discovering its neighborhood, Puro Gelato is a small shop located between Dancing House and Vyšehrad.

Count on fresh and natural ingredients, quick and friendly service and a large selection of flavors make this place one of the best ice cream shop you can try in Prague.


Even more

If you haven’t try those places yet, please do it!

Then you can leave me a comment below as I am curious to know if you agree with my top 3 (of course you can also let me know if you have other favorites, don´t keep it for yourself ?)

And if those ones are not enough for you, here you can find an extensive list of ice cream places in Prague:


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