Jump(Park) Prague!

Have you had a hard day at work, sat in a cramped chair all day?? Or do you simply have a group of goofy friends who want to have some good fun?

Get ready to jump the stress away and exercise those office legs!

In this article Student Room  Flat invites you to visit JumpPark, in Na Jarově 2 , Prague 3.

Let’s start with prices! The cost per person is 199 CZK, however students between ages 18 to 26 get a 20CZK discount.

If on other hand you have a big group of grasshoppers, know that for groups of 10 or more people the price will  only be 145CZK per person. Remember to make a reservation before you go, don’t worry this can easily be done online! ( https://praha.jumppark.cz/cs/rezervace/krok-1/)

You can jump and fall for one hour and for that we advise you to bring comfortable sport clothes, that won’t restrict your movements. You can arrive in  your day clothes and get changed in the locker rooms before.

Stretch pants on, shoes in the locker, and your younger self screaming on the inside: you are definitely ready to enter in the war zone… I mean trampoline zone!

With a pit full of foam, you can either try some funny backflips or start a sponge war, where someone will surely end up drowning in colourful cubes. It is easy to dive into the sponge pit but coming out will feel like going to Mordor. It is hot, difficult, takes ages and, if you do not pay attention, you can definitely lose more than a ring! In order to avoid this remember to leave your goods safe back in your private locker!

They also have a small space with basketball hoops so you can practice your aiming and release your inner LeBron James! If aiming at baskets is not really your thing aim to your friends in a 3D dodgeball kind of court where you can play multiple group games.


In the next area of JumpPark, after the small stairs, you have access to long elastic beds for some free jumping. There’s also some kind of small slackline to sharpen your balance or make you try and try, until you give up and decide to go back to jumping around.

There is also a small board near the slackline which will make you feel like you are surfing on some wild imaginary waves, or maybe this was just me.

Surprise, surprise, they even have a small climbing wall!

On this interactive climbing wall you can play different games and challenge your friends. Did you successfully complete your quest or simply fall off the wall spectacularly? After every game you can send the video of your climbing adventure to your e-mail!https://jarov.jumppark.cz/images/gamePhotos/Augmented-Climbing-Wall-Games-Climball-2-1.jpg

Uff after all this your hour has finished, and if in the beginning you were already gasping of enthusiasm, now you can barely breath! Refresh yourself with some water in the small cafe near the trampolines exit zone. Don’t worry, JumpPark also has showers, because they know there was some serious cardio going on!

Ok, fun, fun, but what if jumping is not for you? You can’t miss watching your friends tumbling about and weird jumping into the foam pit? There is a seating area in the small caffe zone, take some snacks, coffee and memorable pictures. Ah and they also have Wifi!

Not convinced? The website is written in Czech, giving you an extra opportunity to practice the language!, they dedicate an entire page to explain you the health  benefits of jumping! You can try to “Czech” it, got it?

“Jump like a kid and sleep like a baby “, should definitely be the slogan!

Check the working hours and more important information in and their website and Facebook page .

The images used in this article were taken from JumpPark’s facebook page.




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