7 Reasons To Study In Valencia – UPDATED 2024

The third-largest city in Spain, Valencia is a highly popular choice among students looking to study abroad. Though Barcelona and Madrid have always remained more fashionable options, this beautiful city is home to several prestigious universities and boasts warm weather and a rich history.

With the rising clout of Erasmus+ in Valencia, this hidden gem in Spain is increasingly thronged by students across Europe, as well as from other countries, turning it into a multicultural hotspot.

Let us look at a few good reasons you should consider studying in Valencia.

1. Affordable Accommodation for Students

If you are in search of an affordable place to study in Europe, Valencia is certainly a great option. This city is one of the most budget-friendly places for student accommodation, which means you will not end up spending a lot of money during your study abroad.

Student housing in Valencia starts at just 300 euros per month and there are so many accommodation options available near the university area.

The average living cost for students in Valencia is quite low, particularly when compared to some other cities in Europe. This makes it an excellent place for taking your degree abroad.

2. Study in Valencia and Discover Its Rich Culture & History

One of the most significant reasons to study in Valencia is the incredible culture and history that exists here.

The city centre called Ciutat Vella is not only full of beautiful historical monuments and buildings but also houses some of the best bars, restaurants, and shops in the city. Valencia has several attractions appreciated by visitors from around the world.

There are also so many sights you can discover in your free time to explore the rich history of this part of Spain. Taking a walk along the historical buildings will feel as if you have entered another century.

3. Beach Life When you Study in Valencia

A secret to an amazing study abroad experience is achieving a ‘study-life’ balance. This is quite practical in Valencia as it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. The University of Valencia is just within walking distance of the beach which means you get the perfect place to relax at the end of a tiring day of workshops and lectures.

Research also proves that living by the sea has an overall positive impact on your well-being and helps you relax, making Valencia’s beach life perfect for your degree.

Apart from exquisite beaches, Valencia has a favorable climate all through the year, with mild winters. So, if you decide to study in Valencia, you can spend a lot of time outdoors, relaxing and exploring the natural beauty.

4. Travel Opportunities

There is a saying ‘It’s cheap to travel around Europe once you are in Europe.’ What is expensive is only getting there. When you are taking a course in Valencia, you are likely to find so many options for visiting other European countries, whether during your vacation or on weekends.

So, if you always wanted to explore Paris or Rome, studying in Valencia is an ideal excuse to introduce yourself to other parts of the world.

Valencia is also well-connected to other popular cities in Spain. During your stay in this city, you can enjoy easy access to the central train station that takes you to different parts of the country including Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada, in only a few hours. If you ever get bored, you can quickly hop on a train to explore other Spanish cities and their beauty during weekends.

5. Delicious Food

Like other places in Spain, food in Valencia is quite delicious and the twists locals put on the classic dishes make them particularly delightful. A rich dish called Paella is known to have originated in Valencia.

You can taste some of the tastiest and most authentic paella dishes in the city. Valencia is also famous for Pestinos, a delicious pastry in orange and aniseed flavors sold across bakeries all around.

Another favorite dish of Valencia is Gazpacho which is a tomato-based soup that contains raw vegetables. It is often served cold in the summer as a way to cool off. The cuisine has so much to offer when you decide to study in Valencia.

There is also the food festival called La Tomatina held every August. It is regarded as the world’s biggest food fight with tomatoes. The city offers a number of places where you can try local and international cuisine during your course of study.

6. Sports Options

Like many other European places, Valencia boasts a football-centric sports culture. The stadium of Mestalla for the team is located quite near to the university area and you can buy tickets for as little as 10 euros.

Watching a game of the Valencia team is a great experience. Apart from football, the city has a rich culture of bullfighting with various events taking place at different times of the year. One of the most significant bullfighting museums in Spain is also located in the city.

If you are a sports enthusiast, Valencia has several possibilities for you in the form of baseball, soccer, rugby, American football, yoga, fitness, weight training, as well as gyms and parks to enjoy some physical activity.

When you study in Valencia, you can also spectate some of the biggest sports events of the world like Cycle Race, Motorcycling Grand Prix, Valencia Triathlon, Half Marathon, and many more that sports lovers should not miss.

7. Party City: Study in Valencia but Remember to Enjoy!

When you study in Valencia you must know partying is quite different from that in Barcelona or Madrid. Parties are generally held on weekends in pubs and bars and you can listen to a wide variety of music being played throughout the night. The area around the university is popular among students as there are so many karaoke nights and happy hours to enjoy here.

One of the most impressive things about bars in Valencia is the great music variety they play; it is sure to appeal to you, whether you like rock or indie. So, those who like to party after dinner would find many options in Valencia. There are so many pubs and bars in the proximity of the university area you can head to for amazing nightlife and live music experiences.

Ah, and we can’t forget about Fallas. A unique festival that usually takes place in March and that brings colour and pyrotechnics to the streets of Valencia! An absolute must when you study in Valencia.

Should you study in Valencia?

These are some of the top reasons why students looking to study abroad should consider the city of Valencia. From climate and food to accommodation options and transportation, life in Valencia is quite favourable and enjoyable, making it one of the best Spanish cities for international students.

Staying in a shared student accommodation can add plenty more value while making your overall experience all the more enriching.

Remember that Student Room Flat is here to help you find the best student accommodation in Valencia most safely and easily, all 100% online. You can join our growing community of students from all over the world!

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